Posted by: Mayu | January 23, 2010

Miki’s visitors CocaCola, Herti-pi and Sean & Yuki’s visitor Debi

Today it was a calm but nice ACWW evening 🙂

I had CocaCola, Herti-pi and Sean as visitors ^^

We chit-chatted a lot about our favourite acww neighbours, Herti-pi and me have got kinda the same likings (we both love the grumpy and ugly neighbours like Apollo, Rasher, Tabby, Wolfgang, Lobo etc) and CocaCola’s favourite neighbour is Chief and all other wolves 😀 Sean was a lot offline so I don’t know what his favourite neighbours are 😉

Soon CocaCola had to go home again and when Herti-pi and me also finished exploring my house, we went outside…

…but Sean, who was still offline, trapped us again!! 👿
ARRRRGH!!! xD 😆 What shall we do? Well, the only possibility was to party over and meet up in Herti-pi’s town again 😉

So here we are in Outback, woot! Whoaaa! TABBY!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
What an awesome town flag! 😀 But… the sad thing was that her Tabby moved out just the other day! Without being noticed, meeeeh! 😥 Poor you Herti!!

And she gave me another cute present: A pattern of Miki!! 😮
Awww thanks a lot Herti, I was really happy about it, and I like it a lot!!
I’ll show it later on my Icons&Patterns page, too 😉

Then Herti had to go and I waited a couple of minutes if I see another gates open, but there weren’t any. I know Sean, that I said to you, I would open otherwise, but then family kept me busy again 😦

Later on, when I tried another time, I thought I could also open with Yuki. Maybe someone of Yuki’s friends will drop by 😉

And there was Debi! 😀 Hiii! Long time no see! 🙂

We went to my house and Debi said hello to all my pets there ^^

‘This room is scary’ she said, I’ve heard it also another time from someone else. Is a gyroid room really that scary? xD 😕

We enjoyed a movie in my TV room and

… we also had fun playing the piano in my upper room.

Hope to see you all again! 😀


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