Posted by: Mayu | January 22, 2010

Same visitors, lagging cedars and short trip to Abbey Rd

Phew, Friday evening was very busy, but also very fun! lol
So be warned, I’ve to show you 20 pics of tonight 🙄

It all started with the same friend constellation like yesterday xD, there were CocaCola, Jeanette and my last visitor Sean in Mitsukyo again! Ha ha! 😆

CocaCola looks so cute on this pic x3

And Sean was as always very kind (I don’t know him in other way lol)

We all had fun by popping our party poppers, wooot! 😀 And then we decided to head over to Mbro.

What a surprise! His town was planted with FULL of sparkling cedars 😯 You have to know that Sean uses animalmap to decorate his town lol.

CocaCola and Jeanette were also very surprised lol

Whoa! When I walked through the town, my screen was flickering and it lagged while running, but it was very funny! xD And don’t worry that it might have a bad effect on your game, I’ve visited such towns often and my game was never broken or glitched after that 😉

Haha, as you can see, Sean also have got a cheated Nookingtons. You can see that because there are a lot of missing items on the desk. Even when you cheat a Nookingtons, it will never have more items than your original Nook’s shop.

Looking for Sean’s house, you get lost easily here 😆

But finally we all found it! xD Sean wanted to show us a cheated cedar planting glitch and so he had to party over for a few minutes as he had to activate this code first.

So… meanwhile… I took the chance to have a quick visit to Julie’s town Abbey Rd:

And ~Shania~ was also there, hii! 😀

When I explored the town for 2 minutes (lol sorry about my rush Julie lol) I also saw the cute frog pond in her town.

But of course you could also see her Beatles Shrine again 😀 Awww ~♥

Soon I had to go again, I didn’t want to let Sean and the others waiting for me, so I said goodbye to them and also mentioned that Sean’s town was open. 🙂 Maybe we’ll meet up there, too ;). Thanks for having me over!

But back to Sean’s town Mbro xD

Well, he did some cheat codes at this point… but he was trapped after that XD :mrgreen: It was very difficult to chop the trees down, they were not like normal trees, in fact it was like hitting on a rock or something else, nothing happened. But the others got the right angle to do that and so we were able to free Sean lol.

And this is what he wanted to show us: Once he released the cedar out of his pocket, it just pops up above him and Sean is going to faint there. 😆

Even after he woke up in front of his house, the flying fire ring was still there haha! That’s always so amazing xD. (when I zoom up, the tree disappears, that’s why you can’t see the sparkling cedar on this pic). Soon CocaCola had to go and ~Shania~ came instead ^^.

We all had a cool net fighting in the narrow corner 😆 Sean trapped us all with cedars around lol.

That’s why we also get combined easily, hahaha! We look very stupid! xD

Then it was also time for me to go, I also chose this pic, because that’s the only good one where Shania can be also seen in Mbro xP. Sorry about that 😉

What a gorgeous evening, I laughed a lot, thanks a lot CocaCola, Sean, Jeanette, Julie and Shania 😀 😀



  1. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mayu! i’m baaack! didya miss me?

    • Hii Elizabeth! 😀
      So nice to see you again, how have you been? 🙂

      • sehr gut! Ich habe eins Zwei am meine Deutsch mitt term!(mid term is that how you say it?) Ich habe ein neuer ACWW stadt und meine freundin hast ACWW auch! Meine neuer Maedchen heissen Lizzy und Ashlinn. Ashlinn ist vor Adults und Lizzy ist vor jung kinder

        • Das ist ja toll, Glückwunsch! 😀
          Wir sagen Halbjahreszeugnisse zu mid term, und meine Söhne haben auch ihre letzte Woche bekommen ;).
          Spielst du auch wieder über Wifi? Ich würde mich freuen 🙂

          • Ja, ich will Wifi wieder aber jetzt ich mache meine Deutsch Hausafgaben 😦 Oh! Mein Bruder spielt ACWW wieder! Hausafgaben ist sehr blöd. Aber ich habe keine Schule! Und letzte Woche wir waren eins Tag in der Schule! Juuhuu!

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