Posted by: Mayu | January 21, 2010

Razina from Riverlea

This was the first time when I went to Razina’s town Riverlea 🙂
She said that her town is still under construction but she was nevertheless so kind to let us visit, thanks for that ^^

Oh how nice, her snow has got the square pattern! 😀

And she asked me to shop something from her Nookway to get Nookingtons. On the pic you can see the German name of it: MegaNook 😆
Nookingtons is “HyperNook” for us xP

I’ve bought the dog house for her ^^

And then I went exploring her town and her house.

Razina has got a very lovely room, this corner was the best in my opinion with Mama bear sitting on the big watermelon table 😀

The upper room shows us a complete mushroom furniture set, well done 🙂

When I came out Jaimee was standing right in front of the door… just standing, not moving… I thought she was afk and whacked her with the net :mrgreen:. But she only took a picture with her camera that time, uh-oh!! 😆 Sorry about that xDD

I also visited her neighbours and how cool is that, she has got also a Bob who just arrived to her town. He’s from Starford, does anyone know this town? I’ve never heard of it before 😉

A last zoomed pic of us *cheese*

and then I had to go!

Thanks for having us over, Razina, I really liked your town 😀


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