Posted by: Mayu | January 21, 2010

No skinship with tuna please!!

Sorry that I wasn’t able to play yesterday evening with you, but I had a bad stomachache and today it’s quite better but still not normal 😦
But I thought I should open my gates again as Jaimee wanted also to pick up the BBQ pattern 🙂

And punctually at 9AM she was there, and luckily alive and kicking xD
Tilly, I already added you to my roster, but you still are with a red triangle. Is it still too late for you when I open my gates at 9AM my time?

Fetching the BBQ patterns and then I saved. Well just after finishing saving, Wifi crashed!! 👿

After I reopened, Razina came also for a visit, good morning!! ♪

And we started to go fishing! 🙂

Whoa, Jaimee caught a tuna!! 😯 Well done! :mrgreen:

Come, fishy, come~♫

I KNOW, Jaimee, ONLY a seabutterfly! xD 😆

EEEEEK!!! While I was showing off my olive flounder, Jaimee put her tuna on my neck!! 👿 YUCK!!!

… I don’t want to be tuna’s girlfriend!!! D:< 👿 xD LOL!

Owww, poor Razina got punched by Jaimee’s rod xP

After that we went to Razina’s town 🙂 To be continued…



  1. Awww poor u I hope u get better soon;) I should really start posting on my blog lol 😀

    • Thanks Sean 🙂 it’s already a lot better than yesterday xD

  2. mayu, i did add you and jaimee, sorry i didnt come, as i didnt think you had added me. is there any time before thursday we can meet?

    • next tuesday morning I’ll also open around 9AM my time 🙂
      I always try to open on tuesdays and thursdays now, Tilly ^^

      • thanks mayu
        i just wanted to tell you, school goes back on wednesday (yay! last year of primary school!)

        so thurday 6pm is still an inconvenience for me, tho this tuesday is fine 😉
        is it possible for it to be earlier? like half an hour?

        • So Tilly, you’re in year 6? Or 7? I’m in year 7 this year 😉

          I go back on Thursday! Haw.

          • that doesnt make sense lol, arent you a year older than me? anywayz, im going into year 7 (yey! last year of primary school! 😀 !) though in nsw, dont u finish primary in yr 6? lol idk 😛

            • Yeah. Year 7 is the first year of Highschool in NSW, so I’m going into highschool lol

  3. Lol, when you went AFK, me and Razina decided to call my tuna Fatty Linda xD

    • hahaha, that’s also an awesome name xD

    • oh yeah Fatty linda! haha x)

  4. hey mayu im pretty sure my wifi works again hopfully u could come over? my towns pretty damn good!

    • Hii rihanna! 😀 Long time no see! ^^ I’ve just added you back to my roster, hope to see you soon ^^

  5. Hello were can you pixel the BBQ pattern?
    I want to decorate my town.Your towns look all so great 🙂

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