Posted by: Mayu | January 21, 2010

Jeanette aka Dawn is back ^^

It was a very nice evening again 🙂

CocaCola came for a visit xD. I really appreciate that you’re still playing so often, Cola 😀

And then Jeanette dropped by! Hooray! She doesn’t only look like the old Dawn, she IS Dawn! xD Long time no see 🙂

She left some nice patterns in my Ables, but later on I’ve got better pics of them, you’ll see 😉

And Sean was there, hiii! Hahaha, although Jeanette and Sean didn’t know each other yet, they were very close together xP :mrgreen:

Soon we headed over to Jeanette’s town TwinStar. What a cool flag! I’ve forgotten the name of the pokemon again, sorry xP

Jeanette invited me to her house, ok, no problem ^^

We bumped our heads in the main room…

… and in the back room, muhihi xD Both rooms are very cute and well decorated 😀

But my favourite room was this:

The painting room! Look at all those amazing patterns! 😮

Pikachu is so cute, but also the cupcake is one of my favourites 🙂

CocaCola was already waiting for us to come out 😉

And then we played the bomb game. I just have hidden the timer behind this tiny tree on the right ;).

And from this spot I’ve been watching the others what they do. xD
Haha Jeanette was really close there…

…but CocaCola found it first!! XP Well done 😉

As prize she got this blue wollen hat from Jeanette, how cool is that!
After that we played the bomb game twice again and Sean and then me found the timer, just Jeanette was the only one who haven’t found any, awww!
Then I had to go, it was great fun! Let’s do it soon again! 😀


  1. want to add me dawn/Jeanette?

  2. What happens to the timer if you don’t dig it up in time?

    • it just rings as usual and then keeps quiet and is still buried in the ground 😉

  3. Miki your blog is a  blog and nothing happens and the pokemons name was shiny lucario I should know coz I got pokemon heart gold and soul silver the games that r due to come out probibly in another years time in England. Tehe 😀

    • !

    • Umm what were these special characters? I couldn’t see them xD

      • they mean curse words 😥

        • Are you sure? :/ Because that makes no sense to me LOL And I’m sure Sean didn’t want to insult me with this comment 😆

          • well, hes not righting back to tell you so,…

            • Oh I talked to him yesterday, he said that they were 5 stars, so it’s totally ok for me 😉

              • Lol. Heart Gold & Soul Silver are due out in the next few months. Sean always lies out of his backside. That or threatening to seed someone.

  4. Ahhhhh!!!!!! I lost my game,i have looked everywhere and still cant find the thing!!!!! *crys* My mum and dad think i lost it at the park!!! *crys* I loved that game sooo much!!! Well you all can take me out of your friend rosters and i will tell you if i get a new one!!

    • Oh noo Rosalie!! D: That’s a pity!!! 😥
      I hope you’ll find or get your ACWW soon again!! *fingers crossed*

      • Im going to look for it at my house in Ulverston tonight!! I hope i find it!! *crosses everything i can*

        • Ok, I hope you’ll find it!! *crossing with you*

  5. want to add me Jeanette?
    and i have a tip. delete sean he almost SEEDED claire

  6. Mayu, I’ve got Katie and she wants to go to Mitsukyo. Is it possible we can meet up before Tuesday?

  7. im open if anyone has me add

  8. Sure

    • DAWN! Its me, Cupcake!!! :3
      Well, Jeanette now…

      Add meeee?
      Name: Cupcake
      Town: TokiDoki
      FC: 2364-5933-5773

      • ty jeanette! When do you want me to open my gates?

  9. whos jeanette

  10. Hey Damian have you got me added lol

  11. yes! ill put you on my valentines day gift list jamiee and jeanette!

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