Posted by: Mayu | January 19, 2010

Visiting TheShire and Peekaboo

When I entered TheShire I was overwhelmed by the lots and lots of flowers there.

So pretty! 😀

Pippin also loves flowers like me 🙂

And I think her town is really interesting, look at the huge river and the island in the center but all important buildings are on one side near her house, very comfortable 🙂

Hahaha, you look great Pippin! xD

Oh, there’s also a Vesta living in TheShire ~♥ I liked her ‘whammy’-catchphrase 😆

Pippin’s house is still kinda small, but…

…inside it looks great with the snowman furniture theme ^^. And you can finally see Nicola there xD. Sorry that I have not many pics of you this time 😉

The other side of this room

Here we all gathered together and suggested to go to Peekaboo this time ^^

Nicola’s townie Lucy has moved to Peekaboo recently. She’s one of the cutest pigs in this game 😉 (Lucy, not Nicola lol)

Pippin and me look both very suspicious about the sparkling cedar 😆 😉

Together with Sayuri I explored Nicola’s house ^^

Then it was time to me to leave. Thanks for the big fun, Sayuri, Pippin and Nicola! 😀 I really enjoyed it a lot!


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