Posted by: Mayu | January 19, 2010

May I introduce you: Sayuri from Kawaiiko ^^

Today I’ve met a new friend with Yuki:

She’s called Sayuri and is a nice girl from the USA 🙂 You look great in your Geisha outfit! 😀

She also wrote a nice message on my bulletin board.It was Hajimemashite (nice to meet you in Japanese) but the bulletin board censored it and only left Hajimema e!! LOL

Later on Pippin from TheShire dropped by, hooray!! Maaan, why do we look so angry/bored on this pic, we weren’t at all!! 😛

Zooooooom! lol

Tee hee, we visited my pet Fatty Brenda ^^

And I got a quick peep on Sayuri’s real hairstyle 😉 It’s a cute bun ^^

LOL I like this pic. Both are Geishas and Pippin’s eyes are just too funny 😆

Just as we wanted to go to Pippin’s town, Nicola from Peekaboo came through my gates. But that was no problem as both have added her into their rosters, that was really kind ^^
Let’s talk about TheShire in my next post 😉



  1. hey Sayuri…did you delete me? 😥

  2. damian hey whats up can u wifi

  3. Damian Hoenn 3438-4265-4664
    plus look on ur fcs

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