Posted by: Mayu | January 19, 2010

Big fun again with Jaimee, Razina and Lola

On Tuesdays and Thursdays mornings I always try to open for my (very) far east ACWW friends and I didn’t have to wait long when

Jaimee and Razina arrived to Mitsukyo 🙂

It was very nice again, we chit-chatted a lot, here together with Jaimee in my empty spare hybrid garden lol…

… or with Razina in front of my house ^^ Then we headed over to Jaimee’s town Tinytown

Awww, look, she also designed a cute ducky for the pond x3

Tee hee, Lola was also there later and she’s really a cheerful girl 🙂

Froggy pond in its new full beauty, can you also see the lotus flower? 😀

Lola cheated some party poppers for us, it was great fun!

We’re the “Pointy Hat Club” lol, Lola came with this idea xD

Thanks for the great morning, girls, I wished we could have played for longer, but I was too busy again 😉
See ya on thursday!



  1. ooh hehee xD
    wifi kept crashing. lol so i jst completely gave up and shut off my ds in the end. XD

    • no worries soolove, that’s ok lol Wifi was really bad that morning xP

  2. Does anyone has got the lotus flower design?I like it and want to pixel it 🙂 (hope you can understand me )

    • I think this question is right :Does someone have the lotus flower design?
      My english is not so good 😉

      • I mean does not oes

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