Posted by: Mayu | January 18, 2010

Grand Hotel Opening in France!

Tonight I was invited by Sorcha to celebrate her grand opening of her revamped France and the new hotel! 😀

Hii Sorcha! Thanks for the invitation and sorry that I was so late, but family kept me busy 😦 But her other special guests were also not there yet, we waited for Herti-pi and Claire to come. Poor Sorcha had to send several visitors home again like Damian, CocaCola and Roi, sorry for that guys!

A few minutes later Herti-pi came over, woot! And here Sorcha were giving us two party poppers for the opening party 😀

And she showed us her spare hybrid area and gave us one hybrid, thanks a lot ♫

While we were still waiting for Claire, we explored her town. It’s really beautiful with all the nice brick path and the patterns which shows the way to Nookingtons, Sorcha’s house or townhall 🙂

Finally Claire was there, yaaay! 😀

But the hotel was still closed, because Herti-pi was afk for a while. Well, she had some weird problems with her DS, she couldn’t do anything on it, her chara just stands there and nothing happened, although she was pressing a lot of buttons 😦 .

Even though Herti was still away, we were posing for a nice pic 🙂
As you can see in the pool, the hotel is named FRANCE HOTEL! ^^

Then finally her DS went back to normal and our celebration could start! 😀
Can you see the cut ribbon in front of the house now?
GRAND OPENING has started!! 😀


Then Claire and me were the first who could enter the hotel. That’s the lobby and this room is really very pretty! A white piano is decorating the room and lovely neighbour pics are shown along the wall 🙂

It was really nice to sit on the comfy sofas.

That’s one of the guest rooms and I had to try the bed xD.

Also a pretty snowman room can be found in the hotel ^^.

The guest room at the left side. An iron stove is heating up every room 🙂

We all were impressed by the prettyness of the hotel and town and all the preparations to have a wonderful opening party, thanks for that dear Sorcha! I really enjoyed it and felt honoured that I was one of your first guests 🙂



  1. Isn’t the hotel awesome?

    So is Sorcha.

    So are you Miki.

    • I never saw this comment!! Love you lots Sorrel/Zoe/Anna/Whatever hahah xxxx

  2. Heeyy lol you used the same wallpapers and carpets in the lobby and room as I did when I had my hotel ;P

  3. I had a hotel once, but it waz b4 wifi, then i restarted my town, i waz too lazy to redecorate xP i had a cashregister and the checkout counters, and an odd clock

  4. but sorcha, you did a great job!!!!!!! i cant wait to visit sumtime, im sooo sorry i keep forgetting about my ar flwers 4 u, my ar hates my ds, so id need to borrow one of my 2 sisters ds’s i promise ill get them 2nite if u dont need any, ill use them in my town (im done with the gold roses)

  5. Wouldn’t the snowman room melt if it had a heater in it?

    I hope I’m not copying you but I also have a hotel.

    • No haha I think it is made of plastic (Yeah get it right 😉 )

      And nono many other people have made hotels before me and mine is closed now anyway because without wifi it’s totally useless 😛

      Sorcha xxx

  6. wow that is beautiful!

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