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Fanfic: Chapter 6 (last episode) by Savvanah

Chapter 6:Innocent or Guilty

The world knew the outcome of this court session.
Phyllis was going to go to jail. There was no way Phyllis could wriggle herself out of this one. But mabye she could with the help of her friend…

Copper: Would Nook please come forward to the stand.
Nook limpers over trying to act like the pain from phyllis’ attackes were unbearable.
Copper: Nook, explain to the citizens of goa what happened to you.
Nook: Well…phyllis punched me for no reason two weeks ago. BUt the pain still lingers. She hurt me for no reason.
Copper: Booker, quieten her down. So what you are saying nook, is that phyllis is a dangerous and should be sent to jail?
Nook: YES! So could you please just give me my compensation?
Cooper: Sorry Mr. Nook but we must wait for Phyllis to speak. Phyllis, what is your story?
Phyllis: Well, Nook came to the cafe trying to sell his products to me and he spilled coffee all over my top. So i hit him. Big Hairy Deal.
(nook started to rub his hands together and starts to sweat and to have a nervous expersion on his face.)
Copper: No maam, Its is a BIG HAIRY DEAL as you like to put it. Jury, your verdict please.
(the jury hand Copper a envolope)
Copper: Phyllis is found….
(K.K slider rushes through the door)
K.k: Wait! I have something that might effect the outcome.
Nook: He can’t do that! Finish the sentence Cop!
Copper: SILENCE!!! K.k slider show the evidence.
(K.k smiles at Phyllis)
K.k: Well..when Nook was at the museam he should have been at his shop. It is ILLEGAL to sell products in Goa on private property. SO if nook was never their the incident should hsve never occured. Nook should be fined and Phyllis should go free.
Booker: Is that true Copper?
Copper: According to the goa book of ruled it is.
(the Jury hand Copper another evelope)
Copper: Oh..It seems the jury have changed their mind. Phyllis is free to go and Nook is Fined and forbidden to sell his products outside his property.
Nook: NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Nook gets dragged away by guards while crying)
Phyllis: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K.k, I though youhad left for the next town.
K.k: I had but i came back for you.
Phyllis: For real?
K.k: Yup. We’re friends. Thats what we do. Plus you did me a favor.
Phyllis: what?
K.k: you made Nook cry!
Phyllis and K.K laugh


So…you wonder how it has lasted?
Go on acww at 9:00 to 10.00pm every saturday.
And you will see Phyllis swaying along to the sweet meledy of K.k sliders guitar.
(and nook IN his shop)


hope you enjoyed this last chapter!;-)

Savvanah..x :mrgreen:



  1. hey, you spelled ohyllis instead of phyllis

    • Thanks, I’ll correct it 😉

      And like I said in my private comment, you really did a great job Savannah! 🙂 The story was really nice and it’s cool to know the backgroundstory now about K.K., Phyllis and Nook lol

  2. thank you mayu
    it really means a lot to me 🙂
    If i decide to write another story i will let you know
    savvanh :mrgreen:

    • Yes, would be great! Thanks again!! 🙂

  3. please do write more stories I loooove fic acww stories 😀
    Hey Mayu: could I write a story my self?
    Please let me know! 😀

  4. I am writing a collection of stories called ‘Animal Crossing Stories’
    If u meet me on wifi in a few months YOU could be in my soap I will post my detiles in a few months

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