Posted by: Mayu | January 16, 2010

Together with Roi in Mbro

So here we’re in Sean’s town Mbro now ^^. The girl in front of us is Sammy, but she had to go very soon after we entered (I hope we didn’t scare her away xP ).

Roi and me looked for some nice items at Nook’s shop. And haha, no, that carpet doesn’t really belong to Nook’s cranny, but Roi just wanted him to show a carpet from the display 😉

Here you can see Sean’s Able’s sister shop. See? When you compare with my Able’s picture of the last post, they’re selling the exact same stuff like in my town :mrgreen: I think it’s quite seldom, I never noticed that before in any town.

Lol, all neighbours of Mbro are living in big distance to Sean xP. Well, my neighbours also tend to do that, but at least Buck and Bob are living at my riverside these days 😛

The carpet inside Sean’s house was amazing. Eye hurting, but amazing lol 😉

Cheeky Sean always likes to trap people :lol:. I think he trapped me in Angus house for like 10 min?? GRRRRR 😈

When he finally let me go and I hurried outside the house I was trapped again!! 😈 This time it was Roi who was standing in front of the door lol.

So Sean, who was also trapped behind me, chopped the tree in front of us xD. Now we can see who’s all standing there 😉

Roi planted on the same spot a peach tree again. 😀 Tee hee and Sean looks very cute on this pic when he changed his tool 😉

Thanks for the fun, Roi and Sean!! 😀


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