Posted by: Mayu | January 16, 2010

Fatty Brenda was pleased…

…tonight, as she has met two good old friends of her (and of course of me lol) again. :mrgreen:

I was very glad when I noticed that Roi (in front with blonde bun) has come to Mitsukyo!! Awwww, she’s one of my eldest blog readers and I didn’t met her like for ages!! xD And also Sean dropped by, hiii, I missed you yesterday lol.

Cheeeeese! :mrgreen: Cute bunny hat, Roi! xD

We strolled over my town and I introduced Roi to Fatty Brenda, my pet ocean sunfish xD 😆

And I also had to show her my beloved dekkoids with their “dekkai, dekkai” sayings lol.

Yay, head bumping is so much fun xD.

And what Sean and me have recently noticed in our Ables is…

… that they always sell the same stuff!! Haha! :mrgreen: But it only happens in Mbro and Mitsukyo so far as I know 😉 .

And Claire came to pay a visit, hooray!! 😀

She was longing to see a special friend of her…

Fatty Brenda!!! :mrgreen: Awww, my pet must be happy today! xD

We noticed that it was Newmoon today! 😀 Beautiful!

That creepy moon above Sean’s head just shows his disappointment about the seabass he has caught earlier :P, and he was sure that it’s a big fish!! Poor Sean! 😦

Then we had a problem oO. Claire was afk, well actually she wanted to go home, but Sean didn’t let her go and trapped her, so she just closed the lid of the DS and was sleeping. But…

Roi was still in my house that time and when she got outside, she was the person who got trapped!! 😆 So we decided to party over and head over to Mbro, haha xD

To be continued… 😉


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