Posted by: Mayu | January 15, 2010

Three blonde ponytailed girls ^^

Tonight I’ve met a couple of friends again, it all started with:

CocaCola 🙂 , hiii ♪ I appreciate that you’re one of my busiest ACWW friends now, same like Sean I can be sure that I’ll meet you in the evening 😉

But Resetti was our kill-joy again, baaah! 👿

When I wanted to reopen my gates I saw Candy’s town Cutiepop also open and two people there, so I’ve decided to go there instead, thinking that Cola went to her town this time 😉

But I was wrong xP. When I entered the entrance it was only me as visitor and Candy was afk behind the petal umbrella, awwww! 😦 And I noticed on the bulletin board, that it has been Herti, who visited her before… double awwww!!! 😥

Well, ok, as Cola wasn’t here I left Cutiepop asap and reopened my gates.

And ~Shania~ came for a visit, wooot!! 😀

We waited a couple of minutes, but no one else seems to come, so we both headed over to her town, as she was also awaiting some guests 🙂

Ohh look! Another cute froggy pond x3 ! Jaimee, you have to be proud to design such cute patterns, all love it!!~♥

Just when I bought an item from Nook’s shop…

…~Shania~’s other ACWW friends dropped by. Nice to meet you! 😀
The girls from left to right next to me are: ♥livs♥ , ~Shania~ and Gogita♪

Tee hee, I think the pink roof in winter just looks lovely! ^^

Ahhh~, I like your modern room Shania, and it’s nice to see a goldfish tank in front of the bed 😉

Together with ♥livs♥ and Gogita♪ we had a nice chit-chat 🙂

But then I had to go soon, sorry for that!

Thanks to all for a very nice evening ^^



  1. Aww, I’m glad my froggies are so popular xP
    I don’t think my duckies will have as much fame, but I miiight be wrong ;D

  2. Thanks Miki, I had fun x Thanks Jaimee also the patterns are AWSOME X

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