Posted by: Mayu | January 14, 2010

A lot of new Wifi friends :D

Wow, I was opening my gates again with Miki this morning, and it was the first time for a looong time that I’ve been so busy again lol xD.

My first visitor was Razina, a very nice girl from Korea, welcome to Mitsukyo! 😀

Some minutes later Jaimee also joined us 😀

I showed them my spare hybrid area and Jaimee took this pink cosmos. You look lovely with this one in the hair 😀

It’s party time!!! WOOOOOT!

Our palm tree is growing good, isn’t he Jaimee? *shake shake shake*
Then another visitor tried to come but Wifi crashed. When I reopened another new ACWW friend dropped by:

That’s lola of the town homee, she’s also like Jaimee from Australia 😀

All are coming back to my town. ^^ Well, after a short while of exploring, Lola had to go as she had a date with another acww friend, but she would come later again if I’m still open 😉

Then Ben from Waterton entered my gates!

I’ve also added him recently and it was our first time we met! 😀
He’s from Australia, too, nice to have such a lot of Australian friends ^^

All new friends are very kind and nice, I enjoyed it a lot to show them my house or my town. And for Razina and Ben it was even their first Wifi experience, I’m honoured! 😳

Razina and me were visiting Bob, she has changed her hairstyle before and now she’s got this cute blonde ponytail 😀

Showing all my spare hybrid area again! Remember, it’s the dandelion area right of Tabby’s house xD

When Ben had to go, Lola came back again, yay! 😀

Haha she looks like she’s really sitting on this bench, but actually she used an AR emotion and I love her cute smiling on this pic ~♪

Aww, Jaimee was falling every few minutes down to the ground, even if she was only standing next to us xD. Unfortunately I haven’t got any good picture of that moment 😉 At 11AM it was time for me to go and do some work here, but thanks a lot to Razina, Jaimee, Lola and Ben for visiting me, that was a great morning!! 😀



  1. Haha, that was a lot of fun! After you closed Lola visited me for ages until 10pm-ish our time, and then she just went Idle and I don’t know what happened to her, so I closed and found her gates! We talked for a bit, then I found this bottle mail on the beach that appeared as this little yellow square that had the writing “itm 28” on it, in the mail slot. When I tapped it it said “Enter Birthday”, and when I tried opening it, the game froze and WiFi crashed. When I came back Lola tried the same, and it crashed again.
    Have you got any idea what this creepy, cursed bottle mail is? 😯 it freaked me out, personally 😛

    • Wow, you had a really exciting evening ^^. And this weird bottle mail looks like a seed for me?? 😯 What the heck is that?? I’ve never seen/heard about it before, I hope you can get rid of it xD

      • Lola had restarted recently, so maybe if I wasn’t in her town it wouldn’t freeze and she could enter her birthday? Because I thought seeds looked like furniture items? o_O
        If it is a seed Lola can easily get rid of it since she has AR. 😉

  2. lol we played with the gyriods we made music with them never had so much fun lol!

  3. Wow so many new people today!! 😀
    Wish I could meet up with you again like the good ol’ days… *sighs*
    Hm. I hate time difference because any time that would work nicely for me would be either veeery late at night or veeeeery early in the morning for you, meeh!
    Ah well, all the same, I can look forward to wi-fi-ing with you at 1pm my time on weekends. Although weekends are hard ‘cuz I’ve always got so much planned… AUUUGH!! 😡
    Lol, I must get really bored ‘cuz I’ve started posting long, suuuper boring posts. (sorry for spamming so much 😳 )
    Love you lots and lots and hope to see you sometime soon…
    ~Claire 😛
    P.S.- I’ve been missing Fatty Brenda… lol. 😆

    • Lol I hope to see you too soon again :), yes, the time difference is really a problem.
      And don’t worry, that’s not spamming, that’s a nice comment you left here, thanks for that xD.
      Fatty Brenda and me are waiting for you :mrgreen:

      • Hehe~
        Nice to know that Fatty Brenda remembers me. :mrgreen:
        Ocean sunfish have good memory 😛

    • Grr! Im open at 11pm for you EVERYDAY!
      Please please tell me when you’re going to DISSAPEAR!

      • Omg sorcha!! I have soccer practice every day except friday, saturday, and sunday!! 😥 😦
        I’m open today. and waiting for you~ sooo sorry 😦

        • Oh shit never read this until now! Ive sworn not to open until Sunday.
          (When I open my hotel) I want you, Mayu and Herti there to see the opening!!! I cannot wait! But please please come at 1pm mayus time! Oh damn just realised thats 6 am for you! XD
          ok, so when do you have soccer? Tell me and we can work out times!
          Everyone else, I will kick you outta my town. Dont be offended

  4. Wow, very beautiful the effect of the bench, indeed beautiful!!*_ * I very also like the zone of hybrids.
    This morning in mine small “roseto “if so can be defined, because is dwarfish!
    There was this morning however another black rose!!I will wait that fade and another gold rose will become!!*_*

    • Thanks a lot Sary ^^ And congrats to your black rose, I hope it will soon wither xD

  5. i got rid of the mail but my ar went wierd i went to the bb and it froze :S so i deleted the bb and put a neew one i couldnt live out it lol so i moved towns buut u dnt have to readd me

    • ahh ok 🙂 what a mess with the mail xP

  6. Mayu! I’ts me dawn :3 can we meet up some time with my new chara? fc: 210698632054 name:Jenanette town:TwinSTar

    • Hi Dawn!! Yes, sure!! I’ll add you asap! 😀

  7. want to add me? i restarted resently to(its my second day in Hoenn today!)
    3438 4265 4664

  8. Y is every 1 restarting but y am I complaining I restarted 2 lol but miki I haven’t restarted 2 u my town is still mbro and r u opening ur gates on Monday? 😉 🙂 :mrgreen: :/

    • Yes I’ll try to open Sean 🙂

  9. Heyy Miki, Just wanted to ask you did you put up the pics in my town and your wen u met Liv? Thanks x Bye x

    • Sorry for the late update Shania, but today the report of your town is on 😉

  10. want to add me?

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