Posted by: Mayu | January 13, 2010

Landscape gardening work in Mbro

What a quiet evening, I’ve only met Sean today in my town xD. Well, no, Sorcha also tried to come too but before she even could get into Mitsukyo Wifi crashed and after I reopened only Sean came back. He told me that he would like to make his town like my one and asked me to help him. Sure, no problem! 😀

So we headed over to Mbro (I’m always still saying Seanvil when playing over Wifi xD). Our plan was that Sean is putting down a road path and I’m going to put hybrid pairs along the river like in my town ^^

On the way to the river I fell into a pitfall, ack!! 👿 xP

Behind me you can see the pairs and Sean was just having a snack :mrgreen:

That was a lot of work, I had to find all the different flowers in town and put others flowers away of the edge…

Sean was also very busy laying down the patterns and we saved a lot.

Finally I was also done with the hybrids along the river 😀

After that we also decorated the neighbour houses with flowers ^^.
Just when we decided to plant the rest of Sean’s tons of hybrids in a particular pattern like rainbow, squares or hearts I had suddenly to go, sorry about that Sean 😦

See ya soon again ^^



  1. Mayu, tonight will be my last wifi befor sunday (sniff)
    Please could ya head over to france at 8pm (all your time) then could we go over to mitsukyo?
    Oh! And please could you bring the touch stuff… I need a pot bellied stove too! I just realised (sweats) so is it ok? If you cant bring the stove dont worry! Just please come over!

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