Posted by: Mayu | January 12, 2010

Two people can also have a lot of fun ^^

What a funny morning 🙂

I had a date with Jaimee again and around 9AM my time she was there!
Oh, btw, if any of the new people here (like soolove or Ben) see my gates open, feel free to drop in, you’re always welcome 😉

Argh, Tabby has packed her stuff again!! Nooo, don’t leave!! That reminds me to persuade her later when Wifi playing is over. (I never had succes at convincing my neighbours to stay when I was playing over Wifi)

Haha, here Jaimee was laughing about my silly question about Kangaroos (I wrote it cangaroos LOL) if she ever saw one in real in Australia, hopping over the land xD. It’s still fascinating for me that people could see them living wild in country like maybe our rabbits in parks LOL (sorry for the weird comparison xP )

Having an umbrella show ^^. Aww Jaimee’s frog pattern is also a very nice umbrella pattern! ~♥

Ouch! You’re whistling too loud Jaimee!! 😮 What have you bought?

Ah, I see, the tut king mask! 😆 You know what that means, when you run around the town…

… these days you fell and leave a snowangel xD, haha, how cute!

That was my try to leave a sandangel 😉 It was painful, because I fell with my head on a scallop xP 😆

More bruises by having a great net fight!! :mrgreen:

Whoa, be careful Jaimee! 😯 The axe is heavy!!

Haha we accidently hit the palm tree, so we chopped it down and planted another one 😉

It was a great morning, hope to see you on thursday again! 😀



  1. Ouuchh! 😮 I’d put a little band-aid over you head for a while, Miki 😆 😉 ~Julie<3

    • Haha thanks Julie, you’re always soooo kind x3

  2. no way! Tabby was about to move from my town too! and i love snowangels. so cute! 😀

    • Herti, can we meet soon??

    • Lol, we’ve got many similar situations in ACWW recently 😆

  3. Lol, Mayu, if you’re in a bushland spot in Australia, you’d probably see a kangaroo as often as you’d see a squirrel in woodland in Germany ^^ But I’ve never seen a koala except in zoos, they’re very rare.

    • Haha, yes maybe xD. But still seeing such a huge animal is something different than one little squirrel I think 😛

  4. Lol, I don’t think size matters, because I’d rather see a squirrel than a kangaroo xD I wish we had squirrels here… 😦

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