Posted by: Mayu | January 12, 2010

A lot of bears in Peekaboo

Yuki had her gates open again, as it’s Tuesday! 🙂

As usual, Meow dropped by, thanks a lot for visiting me every week, Meow! 😀

That’s also Meow after she visited Harriet and Able sisters 😆

And Nicola from Peekaboo also came for a visit, yay! Here she was writing on my bulletin board, thanks a lot! ^^

I really like her cute style!

Tee hee, Nicola looks excited about the frog in my pond and Meow just wanted to catch them to eat their legs! xP Ewww!
Sorry for being away a lot of times, but family kept me busy 😉

So when I came back I headed over to Nicola’s town Peekaboo:

Yay, Meow is also there and together we visited her neighbours. And the pastel WWAG flag is awesome!

Nicole has got a lot of bears in her town like cute Bluebear and…

Chow, whose shirt’s colours fits perfectly to him! 😮

But also Maple can be found in Peekaboo ^^

In our WWAG thread we had a discussion what Marina is wearing on her head. Nicola and I think it’s a bow but people also argue that it can be a plaster. A plaster?? No way, it’s a bow! What do you think? 😛

Nicola’s left room was the first lovely furniture theme that I actually liked xD. I think it’s because of the different carpet here, not that eye-hurting like the normal lovely carpet 😉 😛
After that I left Nicola as I wanted to visit some other towns, too before I had to go to bed (there were 7 towns open this evening, wow!!).
Thanks a lot for having me!! 😀

This HUGE snowman belongs to Unkochan ^^. I’ve visited my Japanese friend and it’s already dawn here (5.50AM)

She herself was sleeping outside the townhall throughout the night. Poor Unkochan xD!

Another trip took me to Nancy’s town Fantasia. She was also sleeping and letting her gates open that people can visit her 🙂

It was a great evening! 😀



  1. Please give me the html code for the poll daddy. Thanks
    Sorcha~ !!

  2. It’s SOO a bow! Octavian is the one with the plaster there, isn’t he?

  3. Bow!!! And octavian has a bandaid lol 😆

    • Yes! Octavian is in my town! SOMEONE GAVE HIM!

  4. a definete BOW!! 😆

  5. btw, what is a PLASTER anyways!!??? 😯

    • Ahh maybe I should say bandaid for it, sorry for the weird English word xD

  6. A bandaid. ^^

  7. ahhh, ty

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