Posted by: Mayu | January 11, 2010

Two rounds of visitors in Mitsukyo

It was a nice evening with a lots of visitors again tonight 🙂

On the first round there were: Louise at the right, Herti-pi in centre and Sean in front of her, welcome you three! 😀

Tee hee, we chit-chatted a lot on this bridge here about i-phones, ACWW patterns and stuff like that 😉

And together with Louise and Herti-pi we talked about the languages, German, Swedish and English, it was very interesting. I loved the sentence: “We drink rum in the storerum” (storerum is living room in Swedish) xD 😆

Herti-pi and me were watching the quiz show on TV :mrgreen:

No! Sean wasn’t catching a fish on this pic…. he watered me with a water can!! 👿 😆

And Louise was sleeping so cute next to my house x3

But then for a sudden Wifi crashed, meeh! 😦

When I reopened my gates Sorcha and Julie came instead of Herti-pi and Louise, hii! 😀 Sean was lucky and got through another time lol

Awww, I like this pic of you Julie! xD That reminds me a lot of my old friend Julia from Zychowo 😉

We visited my newest frog pond ^^. I’ve named the frog on my bridge Quakquak and the one in water is Ribbit. Gerogero, my other pet frog in house is still there, he’s living for almost 3 years there now xD.

Sorcha has got a very sweet outfit today! 🙂 All in red/black, that are also my favourite colours in real life xD

Flower power together with Julie and Sean ^^

Then we headed over to Sean as he wanted to give Sorcha some hybrids, so we were waiting for her to come over…

…but I think she had problems to get in there, because when I had to go 10 minutes later she wasn’t still there, what a pity… 😦

Well that was my game play of Monday, I had a lot of fun!! 😀



  1. Yes, I tried 11 times

    Can we wifi later?

    • Oh then you had a lot of problems to get in there, meh! 😦
      And sorry Sorcha, I’m quite busy right now, still have to post about yesterday and answer the comments, and this afternoon I have also a lot to do. So I’ll open again this evening, I hope…

  2. talking about julia….. thats how i got to you, mayu! XD i was searching for a person who was on (and posted) almost every day like you do…XD

    • Hii krista!! 😀 I’m glad to read from you again, I hope you’re alright? 🙂 and thanks for your nice comment 😳

  3. want to add me?

  4. Hey Mayu Want to WiFi with me?

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