Posted by: Mayu | January 10, 2010

Some pics of Yuki’s friends

I’m sorry that I couldn’t take a lot of pics this week, I just was too busy to play a longer time with you.
But there are three pics to show you:

This is Thelma who visited me on Friday afternoon ^^. It was nice to see you again! 🙂

And on Sunday del from moomooh came for a visit, too! :

Hii! It has been a while! She just returned from her ACWW break and a lot of weeds and withered flowers were in her town, so she was glad, that I gave her some flowers of my town 🙂

But then it was bedtime for us two and I had to close my gates soon after she went.

Tomorrow evening I’ll open my gates again with Yuki, drop by whenever you can! 😀



  1. Lol, Mayu aren’t we supposed to be meeting up now? Open the gates sofort! xD

    • sorry for being 2 minutes too late xD 😆

  2. lol my German sucks >_>

  3. Hello! I just loved your site!
    I had the idea to make the same thing, since I started playing animal crossing recently (I am still paying the second house expansion xD)
    Unfortunately, my wi-fi usb plug isn’t working okay with the pc, so I’ll get my friend code as soon as I can! 😀

    Btw, 4 days ago a crown appeared at Able Sisters. I think the game could be smarter. How someone with low funds could afford a crown? I got upset since I dont know when I’ll see it again, and neither if I’ll have the money to buy it.

    • Hello Moacir, thanks for visiting my blog ^^
      Haha, I also saw the crown very early in my game play and was also wondering, why the heck are they displaying such an expensive item when I can’t pay for it?? xD Same with turnip price, in the first week I also saw a price over 600 but I still had no turnips (of course not! lol) that time. It’s so unfair 😆

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