Posted by: Mayu | January 9, 2010

In Outback and Nintendo

This entrance is that of Herti in her town Outback! I just love the welcome pattern here 🙂

Aren’t we cute today? ^^ xP And look, the grid of my shoe sole just fits to my zipper shirt haha!! 😆

We really share the same taste! I also changed recently my back room into a gyroids room, and I also use two tiki torches xD

Argh! What’s that? Herti-pi buried some pitfalls next to her house, how meany!!

Mike also fell into one, lol!

Jump!! Mike has really a cool method to get out of the pitfall, you can hardly see him :mrgreen:

Then we headed over to Nintendo, his back room has got an amazing fire pattern as floor now! 😮

This was another friend of Mike called ED. But just when we wanted to introduce ourselves, Wifi crashed, baaah! xD

I had a lot of fun this evening, see you again!! 😀 😀



  1. cool hell(?) room!

    • It is a hell room

      • well actually it doesn’t say^^

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