Posted by: Mayu | January 9, 2010

Head banging accident!

Tonight I visited CocaCola in her town ♪Mu-sic♪

She has got such a lot of amazing patterns in her town, that’s awesome!

Here are also a bunch of other designs, Pikachu is so cute x3

Her sweetness CocaCola! 😀

And this is … Mike?? 😯 Hahaha his image changed a lot with this wig xP

Later on Herti-pi came also for a visit, wooot! 😀

Without the hat it turned out, that she has got the same hairstyle like me lol.

Then we had a funny emotion party, everyone showed their available emotions 🙂

BANG!!! Owwwww, this hurts!! Poor Mike was just in the centre between Cola and Herti when they both did the disappointed emotion 😆 😆 :mrgreen:

Awww, poooooor Mike!!! *sniff*

That’s better right, Mike? xD Tee hee!! 😆

Oops, I’ve found Mike having a shower in the waterfall 😳 xD

I think he also is very cute as a wall 😆

After that we all went to Herti-pi’s town Outback
(to be continued lol)



  1. hehe my head looks funny on the last pic

  2. miki i’m looking at you ö jk lol

    • haha, yes I also like that pic xD

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