Posted by: Mayu | January 8, 2010

What a cute froggy pond, Jaimee!!

This morning I had a date with Jaimee, and this time I went to her town Tinytown! 🙂

Hii, how are you today? Good? That’s good! 😀 😆

Lol, I’ve found several really funny snowmen in her town. That’s daddy snowman xD

And this is fat heady snowman, hahaha, he’s awesome! 😆

The third snowman was a very tiny one, awwww! :mrgreen:

Wow, that’s not a pool, but a hot spring!! 😮 I really would love to have one in real life, too!!

Inside Jaimee’s house you can find a hotel 🙂 . Aren’t these Merlions pretty? And all rooms looked so elegant and nice ^^

In the upper room you can find the hotel’s band with Jaimee as lead singer! WOOOT! Da capo! Da capo!! ~♥

Jaimee collected a lot of awesome hybrids next to her house 🙂

And this was my favourite spot!! A frog pond!! 😮 Awww how cute is that! Look at all the lilypads, the frog sitting on the bridge and the very sweet one looking out the water! It’s so adorable! I asked her to get the patterns for that and she was so kind to give me them!! Yaaay, I definitely will decorate my pond with her froggys too! 😀 They fit perfectly to my froggy flag and my frog pet Gerogero in my house! xD

Look at his cute eyes! ♥

When Wifi crashed I opened instead, and here you can already see my new decorated pond ^^. But my frogs have to stay in iced water 😆 , poor them!! xP

And we tried to get Gulliver out of his UFO, I shot him down this morning 😉

Jaimee, thank you thank you thank you for the frog patterns, I really love them and I think they’ll stay in my town forever from now on xD.



  1. WOW Jaimee! I’m in love with your town! Those frogs are awesome and the hotel too. Yay for Jaimee! ^^

  2. Beautiful town, Jamiee!! 😮 Those poor little froggies must be frozen by now 😆 xD

  3. Awww, thanks guys! 😀

  4. I’m really proud of them since I’ve never really designed a pattern that I’ve liked alot and I feel that I’ll keep forever♥

    Lol, Mayu, if you want you can display them on your blog!

    • Thanks Jaimee, I’ll do it next week! 😀
      I’m glad, too, that many people really like it! 🙂

  5. Hi Guys I was wondering if i could use the pool idea too. ! ? I have an empty spot in my town and the pool would fit perfectly .

    • I’m pretty sure Mayu wouldn’t mind, Jane. I didn’t ask, either, but she gave me those patterns assuming I would make one, so yeah xD

    • Of course you can use the idea! 😀 I don’t have any problems with it and as Jaimee also allows all people to use her frog patterns, feel free to put any designs in your town as you like 😉

  6. Jamiee does your hotel cost? It would be cool to stay the night =]

    • Haha, no, it doesn’t but I’m afraid I got rid of it after 2 days of having it…-_- I don’t know why, I think I just want to make more room for my gyroids! I’ve becoming overly attatched to them 🙂

      • did you add me?

      • Ok, could I steal you’re idea? I’d love to make a hotel in France, but could you give me a hand with the Merlions, and floors etc??

        • Ok, sure, I’ll help you 😀

          • I write on Guestbook
            Take a look 😉

  7. Why would I?

    • uh…want to?

  8. what for?

    • to be friends. please? you sound nice and caring so i want to add you. 😀

  9. Haha, okaaaay.

  10. hey mayu! its leia? you remembr orr bubb(:

    havn’t been o here i a while sorryy:/
    how you been and greatpictures like always!

    i don’t know what my friend code is but i will give you that later
    im named my character lucy<3 like my real name(:

    talk later?

    bye x

    • Hi lucy/bubb!
      Nice to see you back here again! 😀
      I’m fine and I hope you too ^^

      And I’m waiting for your new FC, see ya! 😀

      • of course we need to meet up again! 😛
        write im about to go on friendcode now and leave you it(: xxx

  11. Wow how much adventures!XDs Mi like that village full of interbreed I adore them * _ * Also I am riempiendo of interbreed my city!^^

    • Thanks Sary^^ I also like towns full of flowers or hybrids (that’s what they are called in ACWW), good luck to you, too with your hybrid work!! 😀

  12. heyah , i was just looking at your pictures
    when i saw your frog pond i found it amazing
    i even tried doing it my self but am useless
    how can you draw it mostly the water ?

    • Have you checked my Icons&patterns page? When you click on the frog pattern, a bigger window with more details will pop up 😀

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