Posted by: Mayu | January 7, 2010

A quiet evening with Sean and CocaCola ^^

Tonight it was really quiet and I think many people are just busy these days, but I was glad that at least

Sean and CocaCola came for a visit 🙂

Together with CocaCola I visited my neighbours.

And this is not another person, but also CocaCola who changed her hairstyle before and also bought some items at Ables 😆

We played a good half an hour in my town, then we headed over to Mbro:

Ahh, now the entrance is also planted with LOTS of flowers, how cool! 😀

Together with Sean in front of Nook’s shop. Later on I had to go as I was waiting for a friend again, sorry for the lack of pics today 😉



  1. can i visit ur town? please 🙂

    • Hi asra, thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂
      We need your FC to add you into our rosters, then you can also come and visit my town ^^

  2. want to add me?

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