Posted by: Mayu | January 6, 2010

Pics for snowman contest and Sean’s amazing flower town

Before I start to tell about my evening, I want to show you a pic of my morning play with liz from texas ^^ (sometimes I just leave my gates open with Yuki, although I’m busy doing other things 😛 )

Sorry that it was the only photo, I soon had to go back to do my chores again 😉

But in the evening I had more time to play and there were:

CocaCola and Sorcha! 😀 You wonder why they have some party poppers in their hands and why we’re standing next to the snowman?
Because I asked them to take a nice pic with me for gluxbox’s snowman contest!! xD

So these are my two entries for the contest I think… well, we’ve got time until end of february and we can post as much photos as we like 😉

1st pic: Farewell party before snowman melts finally away!


2nd pic: A quicker(?) way to get rid of him with Jaimee xD

Would be cool if you also take part at it, see
Gluxbox’s contest page
for further details 😉

Although this pic wasn’t sychronized I think CocaCola looks sooo cute on this pic, I just wanted to show you that 🙂

Meanwhile Sean came to my town!

Uh oh, he’s on brain hunt again!! 😮 lol

Haha, everytime I visit Tabby, I can’t avoid to adore her xD. She always makes me laugh when looking on her unique face xD 😆

Then Sean invited us to his town Mbro! 😀

Hi ho, oh, you also have a blue gate like me! 🙂 He asked me to follow him and not to run, because…

his town was covered with flowers!! 😯 Hundreds of flowers, no maybe even thousands xD. It was really amazing!

Isn’t it beautiful? Sean placed a lot of huge flower fields of every kind in his town. ^^

I’m lost!! Help!!! xD 😆 This orchard area was really funny 😆

Later on Julie from Abbey Rd dropped by, hello!! Such a nice princess Peach dress! 😮

Before I had to go, a last peep into Nook’s first shop! Coooiieee! :mrgreen:

Thanks for all the fun and the big help for my snowman pic! 😀



  1. Wifi crashed! How did you all stay in?!
    Mine crashed, then I couldn’t get back in! THEN YOU CLOSED!
    Can we wi-fi today?
    Im off once more because of the SNOW! And Im off tomorrow too! YIPEEEEEEEEEE!
    I’ve created a song:
    Sorry Im a bit hyper because of the snow!
    Sorcha xxxx

    • No, ours also crashed that time Sorcha, the same people just came back 😉
      And you couldn’t? Mehhh 😦
      This afternoon I won’t be able to play ACWW, I’m sorry but I wish you a lot of fun in the snow! xD

      And thanks for for song, now it’s stuck in my head!! 😆

      • When will you be able to play? Possibly tommorow?
        Also are you opening tonight, Im free and will try to come!

        • I’ll open tonight again, I hope! Around 8PM~8.30PM if nothing interferes

          • ok!!

  2. i know im plaing in it know cya

  3. btw can I use some of these pics? I’ll put (c) Mayu, but as you might know or might not my camera is broken.. 😦
    Sooooooooo can I post it on our blog?
    And I’ll give you credit!

    • Yes, that’s ok Sorcha! 🙂

  4. Thank you for posting a link to my Contest Page on your blog! Hopefully I’ll get lots of entries now! XD

    • Yes, that would be really cool if alot of other people will also take part in it :mrgreen:

  5. i would im building a big snowman

  6. Lol I love the way you say “meeeehh” because my mother does the same thing when she’s annoyed lol

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