Posted by: Mayu | January 6, 2010

Another nice ACWW day

I’ve met this afternoon Sorcha!! Hooray for that! She said we haven’t visited each other since September, oh my gosh! 😮 It has been really a long time, so I’m glad that we finally meet up agian! 😀

That’s Sorcha, nice and cute as always 🙂

After she picked some snowman furniture we chit-chatted a lot and I also helped her on hers and Claire’s blog to fix some widget problems there ;). Chatting on ACWW helped a lot for that xD, tee hee!

In the evening it was Yuki’s playing time again 🙂

And of course, Meow was again there, woooot! We went fishing, visiting my neighbours and enjoyed talking to each other, it was really nice.

AAAAAH! CESAR, stay away!!!! And pleaaaase put another shirt on, this super mini skirt shirt doesn’t suit you!! xD 😆 You can even see his butt! Ewww! :mrgreen:

Tee hee, it was funny that our outfit was really alike although we dressed completely different clothes. But it has got same colour theme with blue/red and white 😉

Then Nicola from Peekabo came for a visit, hiii! 😀

And my first English ACWW friend Annie from Newtown (she restarted, her town was lazytown before) also dropped by!! Awww, it was so nice to see you again!!! 😀 We know each other for more than 2 and a half years now! ^^
(that was my first pic of her: 1st pic of Annie , it was on May 3rd 2007!! 😯 )

Nicola wanted to go a few seconds before Annie came, but then she stayed a little while longer to talk to Annie, yay!

Annie without fireworkers helmet 😉

Wifi was really bad this evening, it crashed a lot and I reopened several times my gates. While my gates were open I had to go offline for a few minutes and when I came back I’ve found

Stella in Mitsukyo! 😀 Welcome again! ^^

But soon Wifi crashed another time and this time I saw Newtown open so I payed Annie a visit:

Whack!! Haha! She would be a wonderful WWAG member!! 😆

Cool, there’s already a path in Newtown! 🙂

And her favourite neighbour Curt was in her town! Aww, I can remember your old Curt in lazytown, you also never let him move away! 😀

Just when I was exploring her house Resetti popped up another time and ended my visit, meh! 😦

Well before I went to bed, I sneaked into Maemae’s town to have a secret taken pic of the sleeping beauty xP:

(kinda weird that visitors can also sleep next to her, LOL)



  1. i made a blog

    • Cool, I’ll have a look on it 🙂

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