Posted by: Mayu | January 5, 2010

Melt snowman, melt!!

This morning, I had a date with Jaimee, she wanted to pick up some patterns of me 🙂

Hiii Jaimee! As welcome I popped a party cracker towards her, and she burned me with a roman candle in return xD 😆

Jaimee: ‘It’s COLD’ – of course, it’s cold, it’s winter here in Germany, not summer like you in Australia xD

Jaimee: ‘rlly cold!!!’ 😯 Are you nuts??? Don’t wear a bikini, hahaha! xD 😆 😆

Here I was displaying all the patterns and Jaimee took them thankfully, luckily I had them all with Miki’s character 😉

Then she found my other tiny snowman like the one I told you about yesterday. But this wasn’t that good as I’ve put the bigger snowball on the tinier one :P. But still he’s very cute at this small size :mrgreen:

Jaimee had fun giving him fire LOL! Do you want to put him over the edge?? xD

Haha, Jaimee is feeling better now xD

Yep yep, good bye lil’ snowman 😉 (looks like she’s waving to him 🙂 but actually Wifi was laggy and after she burned another candle I saw her still in this position for a few minutes)

Tee hee, I had a lot of fun this morning, see you on Thursday morning again! 😀



  1. LOL very cute photos! You should submit one to my Mr. Snowman Snowslam Competition! All sizes are allowed lol! 😀

    • Haha thanks gluxbox ^^ I really want to participate, but I’m still looking for another good picture lol.

  2. ! mayu did you add my mbro town on miki i am going to re add u because i got a dsi! woop! :mrgreen:

    • Yes I already added you with mbro a week ago 😉

  3. Oh, Mayu, you know how I said I’d play at 9AM Thursday with you? Well, I can’t…I’ve got to go to a friends house at that time! I’m actually bringing my DS and ACWW as my friend plays Animal Crossing, too, but she has no WiFi. Hmm…You know, if I got up at 7AM, I would be able to play in your evenings, but I’m a sleepyhead :mrgreen:

    • Oh ok, no problem, thanks for telling me. Hmm maybe I can also open on Friday morning, but that would be later, around 9.30AM for me.

      • Could you possibly open some time tommorow?
        Im off school again, cause of the snow!
        But… Me and my sister want to build a snow man!

  4. Awww you should put one of those pictures in best moments lol

  5. Any one want to play with me!?Im bored and my gates are open :mrgreen:

    • Oops im on my sisters computer its Rosalie!

  6. Can I play with you Rosalie? I’ve left my FC on the comment chat :mrgreen:

  7. im bak and i made a new acww blog

  8. also how do u get rid of blur on photo

  9. evryone says action replay gets u evrything i got it for chritmas and it only gives u all dinos in muesuem, all bugs in musuem,max infinate bells,enabler tool box, DONT ENTER YOUR BEDROOM WHILE USING CODES, thats all

    • Nooo, it can do such a lot more!! You can cheat every item even the hidden ones like Mario world items. You just have to put the right codes into AR or use the chat cheat to cheat any item while playing.

  10. guys i got good news im off school tommorow cause of snow they are calling it frozen wales

    • Why do you all have school off when it’s only snowing? Is it that dangerous to get there or is the snow lying too high? Here all children have still to go to school, although we have about 10cm snow lying on the ground 🙂

      • The snow is too high to drive, and my school is 2 hours away when you’re walking, so my mum doesnt make me go!

        • Wow, I’ve just seen on the news here, that in England there’s really a LOT of snow and causing such big trouble. You have much more than we have here in nothern Germany. But this weekend they forcasted another big snowfall here, we expect about 50cm new snow 😯

          • Hehe! Cool!
            Our school is open tommorow for the older years, but Ill be free again! So is there anyway we could wifi?

            • I’ll look if I have time around 3PM my time 😉 (I’ll open then)

  11. AHHHHHHHHHH noo stupid cheat card deleted all ma games also i have 34 cm snow on ground and how u get codes bak cause i lost em all

    • It deleted all your games?? I think you have another action replay than my son has, we have one like this:
      Action Replay for DS
      And in the manual there can be found an url where you can download the cheats again, once you have to restart AR, so maybe you can find also an url in your manual?

  12. actually i think its 57 cm snow

  13. oh ok my AR is action replay E2

  14. also mayu u play aimal crossing lets goto the city

    • No, I only have ACWW and no Wii to play AClgttC

  15. lol well i have fc on that but on acww i cant have fc for some reson and i downloaded more cheats and i gotova 100 flowers in ma town 8 gold axes 5 gold nets 13 gold cans

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