Posted by: Mayu | January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010! And I’m back ;)

Happy belated New Year to all of you! Thanks for leaving such a lot of comments in my blogging break, I tried to answer them as fast as I could, but I know that you had to wait sometimes several days for my answer. But a big thank you to all of you!!! 😀
How were your holidays? Mine was really nice but also very busy, we visited all my family and had a good time all together ^^. But now almost everything is back to normal (well, my sons have holidays until thursday), and I’m really glad about it, too 😉 .

So, what happened in ACWW during my blogging break? I was able to play at least three times with you, so let me show you some pictures of it 🙂

Monday, 28.12.2009

My gates were open at monday evening and there were:

The new ~Shania~! ^^ She restarted just one day ago so it was nice to see her again, but also new

Julie arrived to my town! 😀 Many people have restarted lately, so please check their new FC’s.

Damian came also for a visit and we soon decided to pay him a visit in his town StarCity.

Tee hee, he changed his clothes to a Ninja and at this time I didn’t know yet, but these are my last pics of StarCity, because Damian’s nephew deleted his town soon after that for another time 😦

So Damian, this is your last pic of your favourite neighbour Dora 😉

Wednesday, 30.12.2009

Two days later I was preparing supper (I had roast pork(?) this evening :P) and had around 30 minutes to wait until it’s done, so I was looking curiously on ACWW if somebody might be open and really! Jane’s town was there and she already has got one visitor! So let’s head over! 🙂

When I remember right, Jane was on the left and Lucky from Margoo at the right? But it could be also the other way round, sorry about that 😛 😳

I strolled over her town and found this beautiful flower area around the pond. I liked the colour combination very much of it 🙂
Sorry, that I don’t have more pics of you both, Jane and Lucky! But I enjoyed my little visit to you! Hope to see you soon again!

My last ACWW evening was on New Year
Friday, 1.1.2010

I openend my gates and a long time, nothing happened, but then Sophie from londy dropped by!

Happy New Year!! xD

Aww I was really glad to meet her again, it has been such a long time! 😀

We visited my newest neighbour Bob! 😀 Yay, at least another good neighbour next to Vesta in my town 😛 (anyone interested in Boone or Cesar?? sigh… xP)

Then I partied over because we wanted to see if another town was open and we both found Nintendo, the town of Mike ^^:

Lol, first I couldn’t get through, there were 4 rocks lying in front of the entrance?!? Mike deleted them though soon after that 😉

The white haired boy is Ralph from Anytown and Sophie is at the right. Mike showed me his newest Link pattern, it looks awesome!

Haha, have you ever seen such a lot of faces in a room? xD I love the snowmen serie, the snowmen are really cute ^^

When Ralph had to go, this bride Megan came instead. She’s a really nice girl and it would be nice to see her again, so I added her into my roster 😉

Awww, she looks so happy and cute on this pic (sorry for the blurriness 😛 )

Before I had to go, a last pic of us all. Mike at the front, Sophie at the left with the crown and Megan next to her. They really look like twins 😉

Ok, not that much happened in my break, but at least I could meet up with some of you 🙂 . From today on I should be playing as usual, but there could be also always some days, where I’m just too busy in the evenings, please understand that.

See you all soon again!! Let’s have fun with ACWW also in year 2010!! 😀 xD



  1. Teehee!
    Cute 🙂

  2. Welcome back Miki!
    My Christmas was wonderful, and I hope yours was too! 😉
    Claireee xx

  3. Wb Mayu! I got cool stuff for xmas! YAY! I got AC:LgttC
    Im just gonna call it AC:LC =P

  4. Hey Mayu are you going to open today? I’m just wondering

    • Ohh I’m sorry, I might have closed right at the moment you wrote this comment. Nevertheless I hope to see you soon!!

  5. Hehe, Luckys the one with Blue hair and im the one with brown! :]

    • argh, I knew I would fail even when the chance is 50:50!! LOL

  6. Glad to hear your back! Hope to see you on ACWW soon 😀 ~~ Julie xx

  7. hello! 🙂
    yey youre back! 😀
    yum roast pork lol!
    umm i cant get a new fc because since we now have to use a different hard drive if we need to use the internet, it has liek a permanent firewall or something??
    o well!
    cyas soon mayu!
    happy new year!
    (hopefully we’ll be able to wifi by my bday on feb 6-hehe itd be fun to have an acww b’day party 😀 )

    • Oh nooo! 😦 I’ll miss you Tilly! This morning Jaimee and me also said the same, that it will be hard to wait for you until february!!!
      Come back as soon as possible!!!! ~♥

  8. Yay! Mayu’s back! Hope to meet with you soon…If I can get up early enough, I can probably play with you in the evenings! My school holidays end on the 28th, haha 😀

    • Wow, that long? Oh, well it’s because of summer I guess lol.
      Would be nice to meet you also in the evenings 🙂

  9. wb mayu and how was your xmas and mike if your on open plz

    • Thanks cody and read this post and you’ll find out how my xmas was , haha! xD

  10. Our School was closed at 9:30 today! YYYAYY
    I went sledging on an unknown farmers field
    with my mates and a boy lent us a super
    slippery Tarpaulin!!!!!!!!!! We were spinning around
    on it,slipping Everywhere!Then we went up the
    snow ramp and landed and bruised our bums!
    Hopefully,we’ll be going there tommorrow and
    this time my brother can come because at the
    moment he’s sick with Astma.

    • hahaha that sounds like real fun!! xD

  11. YAY! Our school closed too! I went sledging in a random field! XP then I came home and wi-fied with mayu then had a huge snowball fight in the middle of our area! (:
    So cool…
    Then I had a nice looooooooooong bath with hot choccy and now Im laying here and will open at 8pm Mayu’s time, as its Yuki’s evening tonight.
    PS: Damian do you have a new fc? And I know you have AR but please dont use it in my town 😉

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