Posted by: Mayu | January 4, 2010

So nice to meet you up again!

Yay, I was looking forward to tonight’s Wifi play, there were some people who wanted to visit me^^

~Shania~ and Louise were my first visitors!! 😀 Louise, it has been a while, I was happy to see you again 🙂

Tee hee, this snowman isn’t a 1 day old snowman, but a brandnew one. I kept it small to have a cute TINY snowman after 2 days to enter gluxbox snowman contest (look for further detail here: Gluxbox’s contest) :3
Especially people with ACCF are invited to take part in that contest, you should check it out ^^

Louise and Shania as sweet as ever! 😀

Then another visitor came, can you guess who this jumping girl is? 😛

It’s CocaCola, woooooot! :mrgreen:
Then Wifi became veeeery laggy, though it didn’t crash for around 30 minutes, we walked like in slowmotion and so we chit-chatted almost all the time ;).

But our luck didn’t last long, finally Wifi crashed and I saw another gate open:

It was that of Nellyy.!!! Hooray, long time no see! 😀 And your town is still so amazing 😮

Yay, Cookie Monster!!! He’s brown on the flag, because it’s a choco Cookie Monster! 😆

Chocolate is a big theme in Nellyys town, look at this big chocolate pool! Yuuuummmmmyy! Louise and me had a bath in it! xP And at the right was Georgiie, Nellyy’s sister! Hiiiii!! *hugs* It was really nice to meet all my longest ACWW friends in one town 😀

This is a pic of Georgiie and me in Nellyy’s upper room 🙂 I liked the wallpaper pattern, looks like chocolate, too :mrgreen:

Then I had to go at 9PM as I was waiting another time for diggiedog again. I waited for around 30minutes, but nothing happens 😛 . It was quite interesting, because at some time I saw 4 gates open, that of Herti, Sean, Nellyy and Georgiie 🙂 . Then finally, when I thought that I’ve been enough waiting, I saw only Herti’s gates open so I decided to pay her a visit:

Hiii Hertiii!!! – silence- Oh? She’s afk? Meanwhile I adored her Welcome pattern that looks so great with these left out stone tiles (if you know what I mean LOL).

I shouted Heeeeeeerti! Still no reply…. (nice flag, by the way xD)

Finally I saw her standing in front of Victor’s house, lol. Ok, as she didn’t move I left a message at the bulletin board and went home to open my gates again 😉

And who came? Herti and Nellyy xD. Unfortunately Wifi was quite laggy again and I had to reopen once, but when another crash happened I stopped playing, sorry about that. It was also quite late for me.
See you on Wednesday again, folks! 😀



  1. You had a busy night lol! I’m off school!!! Can u wifi?

    • I’ll open around 3PM ok? ^^

      • OK! Ill come too! The snow fell and we have the day off from Schoool!

        • yay!!

          • OK please open asap, i’ll come on now 😉

            • I’ll open now ^^

              • I had loads of fun! Thanks for helping with our blog mayu! Your a star! xxx

                • you’re welcome, I also enjoyed your visit! 😀

  2. Lol reading this bums me out as I kept getting error code 80430 or something 😕
    *sigh…* lol xP

  3. I restarted to mayu, im already sick of Googu so now im Tropitown and my town flag is now of an orange.

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