Posted by: Mayu | December 18, 2009

Turnip sell and this winter first coelacanth!!

Ok, today I was able to meet some of you up again ^^. This might be my last post before I go into blogging break 🙂

First I went with Yuki to Thelma’s town dogpatch as her Nook offered a good turnip price ^^. Well – he was offering a good turnip price before noon, but I came too late, it was already 12.15pm, d’oh! 😆
Nevermind 189 was still better than in my town, so I was glad that I could sell them with no loss :).

Thelma was so kind and offered me to change her time back to the morning, but I said no, it’s really not that important, but thanks though, Thelma 😉

Yay, as you can see, she shot down Gulliver before xD. It’s nice to see his UFO again ^^

That’s a nice pic of us three. Left of me is Thelma and right is Debi, who also came for a visit 🙂 . Unfortunately I had to leave soon as I had to prepare dinner, but thanks for letting me sell my turnips again, Thelma 😀

In the evening I opened my gates with Miki.

CocaCola was my first visitor, ohh nice hairstyle, I like it a lot 🙂

While we were chit-chatting in Kabuki’s house two other visitors arrived to Mitsukyo:

That has been Lucky from Margoo and Julie from Wildwood, hii! 😀

We all went fishing again, trying to catch the coelacanth. Well, seabasses for me as you can see, mpfrt!! 👿

Going fishing is such fun with lots of people 😀

Oh! Julie has got a fish on her bait… could it be…?

WOOOOT, A COELACANTH!!!! Well done, Julie!! xD

Haha when you look closer to the coelacanth, it looks kinda pitiful xD 😆

Later on CocaCola had to go and Claire popped in :D! Julie also showed Claire her newest catch :mrgreen: It’s a very lively coela, isn’t it? oO lol

Thanks for the fun we had ^^
And I wish you all again a great Christmas time. See ya in the New Year! 😀



  1. lol, my turnip prices weren’t very good this week also 😈 but, I still have “Coela” in my house, in my beach room 😆

  2. Julie from Wildworld???
    LOL 😆

    • Yes, Wildwood, hahaha 😉

      • 😳
        Well, you know, I’m really stupid 😆

        • Noooo you’re not 😉

          • you are not!!! if anyone’s stupid, it’s me! 😆

  3. your website is so awesome! thanks for giving me the enthusiasm of making a new ACWW blog too! best wishes…. also plz xec my website…. and add
    it to your blogroll if you may.. here it is

    • Your blog is really cute 😉 Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I did the same 😀

  4. you are the best mayu! im a big fan of yours! you inspire me to work hard! keep up the great work and Merry christmas and best wishes to you and your family!

    Yours truly: Alex71335

    • Aww thanks so much alex, same wishes to you 🙂


  5. How do you get blue eyes???

  6. Mayu hallo, ich wünsche dir nachträglich ein gesundes neues Jahr und schön, das ich deinen Blog gefunden habe.

    viele liebe Grüße Elli aus nivida

    • Huhu Elli!!!!
      Ich wünsche dir auch ein frohes neues Jahr und vielen Danke, dass du hier vorbeigeschaut hast! 😀
      Hab mich riesig gefreut! 🙂

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