Posted by: Mayu | December 17, 2009

What an awesome reindeer, Herti!!!

Before I went to LoN3, I saw Herti-pi’s gates open and I thought I should fetch the reindeer pattern for Jaimee, that I can finally show it on my blog. ^^
I was quite busy this time, my family was always summoning me, so I had not enough time to enjoy a chat with Herti or with Sean, who was also there, sorry about that 😦

Herti-pi, you always shock me how good you are in designing! It’s just awesome and you made me speechless! xD

Here you can see the reindeer better:

It’s Rudolph, the reindeer, right? With the blinking red nose? Sooo cute!! xD ~♥
Go to my “Icons&Pattern”-page if you also want to pixel it, just click on the icons there to see a bigger view of it 😉

Later on when I was looking for diggiedog and no boston showed up, I opened my gates instead 😉

And soon there were Herti-pi(purple hat), Mike and Shania♥(blue pompom hat), yay, welcome! 😀

Lol, I honestly said to Herti-pi, that this boyish hairstyle is the worst I know of all hairstyles. Luckily Herti-pi has got humor and she agreed with me and laughed about it 😆 😉

Mike has got such cute eyes, I think they’re my favourite boy eyes ^^. And Shania♥, you’ve got such a nice back xD. Actually I waited all the time that you would turn around, but you haven’t done it lol.

Ahhh, that’s Herti-pi’s original hairstyle! 😀 And I also took finally a nice pic of Shania♥
We chit-chatted a lot but as soon as we wanted to visit my neighbours, Wifi crashed, bleh! Sorry that I didn’t reopen, but it was also time for me to go 😉
Thanks again for your visit, Mike, Shania♥ and Herti-pi 😀



  1. Hahaha, aww Rudolph! I love the movie, and I have already pixeled him in square snow for Wildwood 😆 Herti, you did an amazing job on him! He’s adorable!! ~Julie :mrgreen:

  2. Woooow! Nice reindeer Herti… you’re so creative!!

  3. Hi miki I loved that night but the day after that I can’t play on my ds over wi-fi any more. :,( if I don’t get I dsi for christmas I will be doomed for seeing any 1 for ever! •cries• Its not fair because my current ds can’t find the ip adress to connect to wi-fi! NOOOOOOO! 😦

    • Umm have you checked your router and DS settings? Maybe your WEP key or something else did change? Maybe your parents or someone else changed it from WEP to WAP? Have a closer look on it, I think the chance is still high that you can play Wifi again.

  4. I love it! And I can’t pixel anything right! Lol xD

  5. HEY MIKI! It’s me, Tammie! But now i changed my name to Hana, ‘flower blossom’. My town is Sakura, flowering cherry, and i dont have a fc yet! It’s nice to be back. ^^

    • Yay, hiiii Tammie 😀 Should I also change your chatroom name to Hana now? It’s a cute name 🙂

  6. tammie!!! i missed u

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