Posted by: Mayu | December 17, 2009

First visit to Pecko, the town of LoN3

As LoN3 wasn’t able to come to my town in the last few days (it was always full), he invited me to come instead to his town Pecko. So we arranged a date for tonight and luckily I had no problems to get there 😀 :

Yay, nice to meet you finally, LoN3 ^^. Actually he’s German who lives in England, so we prefered to chat in German 😉 . I brought him his missing fruit cherries and also a bunch of coconuts.

Then he asked me to buy an item of Nook’s shop, that he’ll get Nookingtons soon. Of course, no problem at all! 🙂

His house is really cute and I like the background where you can see the shops ^^

Ohh, LoN3 already has got the first expansion, and it’s so cosy here.

Ahhhh, I enjoy the warmth, even if it’s just in a game xD 😆

We paid a visit to his neighbours, here we are in Camfrog’s house ^^

Tee hee, the tickets for these special VIP seat places were very expensive! :mrgreen: Go Camofrog!! Knock your opponent out!!

Soon I had to go as I wanted to check wether diggiedog has opened her gates yet, thanks a lot for letting me visit LoN3 and I hope to see you soon in my town again! 😀



  1. yay, tolle fotos 😀

    Ja, im Januar werden wir uns bestimmt nochmal treffen ^^ Am Dienstag flieg ich nach Deutschland und da hab ich leider kein Internet =(

    Ist dir eigentlich schonmal aufgefallen, dass wir fast die gleichen Augen und die gleiche Nase haben? ^^

    • Oh und soll ich ab jetzt im Blog Englisch schreiben? ^^ Wäre für mich ja kein Problem =P

      • Wie du magst, wenn du gerne noch mehr Leute aus diesem blog adden möchtest, wäre es natürlich besser, wenn du auf Englisch schreiben würdest ^^

    • Danke LoN3 ^^
      Stimmt, wir haben beide die gleiche Augenfarbe 😀
      Jepp, dann bis Januar, ich bin ja ab nächste Woche auch nicht oft on (wenn ich überhaupt dazu komme), aber ich wünsch dir viel Spaß in deinem Heimaturlaub, die Chance ist ja sogar groß, dass wir mal weiße Weihnachten haben 🙂

  2. Um hehe tranlastion?

    • lol, well I just told (or reminded) her that I won’t be able to see her again until January since I’m going to Germany for christmas and new year. Then I asked her whether she noticed that we look kinda similar. In my second comment I asked if I should comment in English from now on.

      She replied that she indeed noticed that we have the same eye colour and that she as well won’t be online that much. She then wished me alot of fun in Germany and said that there is a high chance that we will have a white christmas.

      On my comment whether I should comment in english from now on she replied that it’s my decision, but that it would be better if I intend to meet up with other people from this blog.

      So there you go, a simple translation 😀

      And yes, I am probably gonna comment in english from now on, so that everyone knows what Im writing about 😛

  3. Uhh thank you! :p

  4. MAYU! Es schneit hier! Aber ich finde meine ACWW spiel und es ist im die schnee! Aber ich habe eine neuer Stadt am meine neuer spiel!

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