Posted by: Mayu | December 16, 2009

Dangerous Hide&Seek

It was around 9.15PM when I finally was able to open my gates, and I had to wait a few minutes until I got my first visitor:

It’s Baby-Mike from Nintendo, hii, great you came over 😉

When he changed his clothes, he turned into grandpa Mike 😯 😆 LOL

Soon after him Sean was also there, haha, you have a pacifier too and the same hat xP

Look at the evil smiley Sean has written and the timer in the corner… that means… a bomb was set in Mitsukyo again, NOOOOOOO!!! 👿

It was very hard to find it again, only 44seconds left… and I found it luckily!!

It was behind Mathilda’s house 😛

Then Zoe also came for a visit, wooot! 😀 ~♥
And we played hide&seek. First I had to search the people, Zoe was afk during that time and I’ve found Sean. But Mike was very well hidden, I couldn’t find him at all so I gave up 😛

Behind this tree was Mike!! That’s a very good place to hide, indeed! 😮
Well done! 😉

Then it was Sean turn to search and I was hiding behind this tree.
Uh-oh… Sean was armed with his axe… oO

Sean: ‘Ah-ha!’ 😈

Too late… xD 😆

I had a lot of fun! Sorry, Zoe, that I haven’t got more pics of you, sometimes I’m just too silly to make pics of each visitor I had… 😦 sorry!



  1. LOL I love that last photo at the end. Too funny! XD

    • Haha, thanks gluxbox xD 😆

  2. The second picture and the last picture is funny…lol

  3. mike can u open plz

  4. srry cody im in some else town right now 😦
    but i still get you the flowers u asked..ok?

  5. when u get back can u open then

  6. hi cody you open now?

  7. ok cody

  8. but not now

  9. MIKE! you open now?

  10. mike u go to hurry and open case i wont much longer

  11. coo

  12. lolz coo

  13. hannah be nice

  14. mayu can u go to tammines chat plz

  15. Haha!! Totally awesome!! Lol!!
    I am totally bookmarking this site now!! 😀

    • Thanks a lot Drew956 xP

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