Posted by: Mayu | December 15, 2009

A nice evening with Meow

Today I’ve met Meow again, we already did on Monday evening to reunite the kitten with her mother (I had the mother), but although we’ve saved soon after that, Meow found the kitten AGAIN in her town 😆

That’s why she brought Katie again to Mitsukyo today! xD Hopefully she’s gone now!

You look so rusty, Meow… you know what’s good in this case?
Watch this :mrgreen: 😆

(sorry for this random video, but I had to laugh a lot, when I watched it the first time xD – much better than the original advertisement lol)

We were visiting my newest snowman (yep, he’s perfect 😉 )…

…and also my neighbours. Mathilda looks like a mean schoolgal on this pic xD 😆

Then we both went to Thea’s town home:

Aww, look, a blonde Santa is sleeping in her bed! 🙂 (that’s Thea xD)

Another sleepy girl, it’s Mrs. Sherlock DeVon.
Mwah! Mallary gave her a kiss…

…and like Sleeping Beauty she’s awake again 😛 Welcome back! :mrgreen:

I really like the star snow, it’s sooo pretty! ^^

Ugh! Rodeo was quite scary… oO

And before I had to go and because we won’t see us until next year we had a last pretty netfight! 😈

Hope to see you soon, Meow, and have a wonderful Christmas time and a Happy New Year!! 😀



  1. LOL The video was soo funny!! 😆

    • Tee hee, I think so too xD

  2. WOW u girls look so happy and cute in those pics =)

    • Thanks ryan 😉 Get Wifi and I can take cute pics of you too 😛 😉

  3. cillet bang! cillet bang! cillet cillet cillet bang!

      i’m gonna buy
      cillet-cillet-cillet-bang fer sure!

  4. cool video cilit BANG!

  5. wow. I very like your blog and the pictures.
    but i have a question:
    where did you get the pattern with the present on it? those in the snow.
    I really like them 😀
    (Sprichst du eigentlich auch deutsch? Dein Spiel hatte irgendwo deutschen Text 🙂 Und ich hoffe mein Englisch war verständlich :D)


    • Hi and welcome to my blog Jojo! 😀
      My Swedish friend Herti-pi designed this snow pattern, she’s really a big talent in designing. You can find her patterns on my “Icons&Pattern”-page and when you click on the little pictures there, you’ll get a bigger pic with all details to design it 🙂

      Und ja, ich bin Deutsche und dein Englisch war doch super zu verstehen 🙂 Ich schreibe mein blog auf Englisch, weil ich hauptsächlich international spiele und damit auch alle verstehen was ich zu meinen Bildern schreibe habe ich mich entschlossen, das ganze Blog auf Englisch zu schreiben. Aber du kannst jederzeit auf Deutsch ein Kommentar hinterlassen, ich schreibe natürlich auch gerne auf Deutsch zurück 😉

  6. Anyone mind if I bang him on the head:D

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