Posted by: Mayu | December 13, 2009

Meeting maggie from Hawii ~♪

Yay, tonight I’ve met finally maggie from Hawii :D, I’ve found her gates open when I was looking for people ^^

Oh a green gate (I see them not that often 😉 ) and a nice town flag! 😀

But I was very impressed when I saw this big street patterns! Awesome! 😮

Maggie really has a wonderful urban theme in her town. The pink cosmos look so lovely and colourful at this spot 😀

hi maggie, I’m glad we finally were able to meet up! 😀

Tee hee, when I entered the house I was welcomed by the lucky cats and two tribal masks, that’s funny xD

That’s a very nice green room 🙂

And I visited her favourite neighbour Baabara! Aww, I also want her in my town again 😉

This was also a very interesting spot : all trees there grew in such nice order, I liked it ^^

And to my surprise I also met Sean’s former neighbour Simon.

Haha, what a nasty snowman to stand in the middle of the road xD. But he’s cute~♥

Later on Maggie suggested to create dinner for me, yay! 😀 I ordered fried eggs xD. So she fetched some eggs from the fridge…

… and put them into the frying pan :mrgreen:

Nom, nom, aww, they were so delicious! 😀

Thanks a lot for having me over, maggie, I had a lot of fun! ^^



  1. Lol nice urban theme maggie welldone =D did u enjoy it mayu

  2. thanks ryan! and kitty designed that flag for me, i asked her for help cause mine was a candy cane pattern but i wanted a new one.

  3. lol your town looks great and tell that evil snowman to becarefull because he might get ran over lol =D

  4. ya know, i love that word. i could say it forever…

    • LOL, maybe I got this word from you? I just learned it recently xD 😆


    • I know, we should set up a time!
      Well, my mums putting me to bed around 12ish mayus time, and my aunt will be there, so if we could connect around 6pm your time, that would be good! (Thats 1am mayus time, 12am for me) Also, I think thats best for maggie, as I was too tired last night. So it’s sorted, Ill be open around 1am Mayu’s time 😉

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