Posted by: Mayu | December 13, 2009

Having maggie, Zoe and Claire over ^^

After my visit to Hawii I opened my gates instead to let maggie come to my town ^^

Left of me is maggie and right of me is Zoe, who also dropped by, hooray!

And Claire from Pixelpop was also there, woot! 😉

When maggie had to go, Claire and I preprared a warm welcome for whoever might come to my town now, but… no one came after this, meeeh! xD
So we chit-chatted a lot at the gate, Zoe was offline for a few minutes.

Meanwhile Claire and I visited Fatty Brenda again

and had a quick nap on my bed… well I tried to!! xP

But soon as Zoe came back Wifi crashed for another time 😦
Sorry that I didn’t reopen but my gaming time was also quite over, so hope to see you all soon again 😉



  1. Claire you said you would come to my town with herti but you just went to miki!
    How RUDE!

  2. Oh, claire we missed you at samias :O
    well, hope to see you soon again!

  3. NICOLE CAME??? WHAT!?!?

    • Oooops, that was a typo, I meant Zoe!! xP Thanks for your careful reading, Claire 😀

      • oh lol, i was about to say……
        i wish nicole had come 😦
        i miss her 😥

  4. rebecca do u stell have me add

  5. samia i tried to visit your town 5 times but i got error codes every time 😥
    😦 im sorry. i tried, really!

  6. thats exactly how i felt with your town. r u on now?

  7. claire are u open

    • i asked first…

      • Damian don’t be a touchy freak.

  8. lol, sorry guys xP
    ds taken away for today ugh

    • 😦 can you still add me?

  9. ill think about it 😉

    • please? 😦

  10. I’m on now!
    Gates are open!

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