Posted by: Mayu | December 8, 2009

Whacking and fishing with Meow, Nicola and Debi

It was a calm evening with Yuki ^^. While I was waiting for my first visitors, I had enough time to update my blog meanwhile, so that was also not bad ;). Then, after 1 hour my visitors arrived:

There have been Nicola from Peekaboo and Meow from Funky. Hi you two! 😀

Nicola looks really cute with her button knit hat tonight 🙂

Ohh, she showed us one of her pattern, I liked it a lot, well you can’t see it well on this picture, next one is better:

I asked her to display it at my Ables, it’s the blue striped one with yellow star! 😀

WHAM! Boom! Net fighting is always fun, but this pic looks like we’re bullying Nicola, awww! xP

Ummm, this pic looks even more meany, like Nicola was running away from my town oO. But nooo, she only had to go, really!!! xD 😆

Our next victimvisitor came to Mitsukyo, it has been Debi! Woot! 😀

Yay, nice to meet you again! Lilli, when you’re reading this, Debi is Claire from S-Ville she said hi to you and your brother lach ;). She really wants you to see her advanced town again, as you were helping her a lot at the beginning 😉

We had a lot of fun by catching fish. 🙂 We tried to catch the coelacanth, but he still was hiding behind seabasses, the best fish we caught were tuna, football fish and red snapper 😉

Blah, another seabass! Meow also just caught an olive flounder 😉 .

After 2 hours of gameplay I had to go, it was fun girls!!! 😀



  1. Lol i just helped my mum get here last fish and it was a coelacanth there so evil =( there like ninja fish =D BUT WITHOUT THE NINJA MASK =D

    • Ohh so you finally caught a coelacanth for her? Well done! I know, they’re really rare! xP

  2. oh, well next time you see her mayu, can you tell her we said hi 🙂

    thanks lil

  3. but i havent caught a coelacanth myself =( lol ow well.

    • Awww, but don’t worry in winter it’s easier to catch a coelacanth as it’s snowing(=same like raining) more 😉

  4. oops said that twice lol sorryXP

    • No worries, I’ll delete one xD


    • WELCOME BACK DAWN!!! It’s sooo nice to read from you again! 😀
      I’ve readded you and hope to see you soon again 🙂

  6. Btw can u do me a pixel of the pokemon glaceon? I’d appriciate it very much. Thats a link for a pic of her. It dosent have to be exact btw.

    • Ok Dawn, but I think I’ll do it not before next week. Please be patient 😉

  7. Woohoo i caught a coelacanth wait ow while i was writing this i caught another one it took me 5hours but it paid off yay =)

  8. Heres a funny little thing

    Fishy: I’m nothing intresting
    Me: Yeah Right
    Fishy: OMG NO DONT DO IT
    Me: *Puts bait in river*
    Fishy: Bait! Hypontizing… MUST GO FOR BAIT
    Me: *Reels in fish*
    Me: Omg ur a string fish
    Stringfish: Yeah..
    Me : Runs to museum
    Me: No
    At the musem
    Me: Gives Blathers fish
    Stringfish: NOOOO Good bye open rives hello tiny tanks.

    Lol yes i caught a stringfish I thought it was gonna be a carp. Lol

    • Lol, Dawn. 😆
      Lovely story. 😀
      My favorite part is:
      Fishy: OMG NO DONT DO IT
      Me: *Puts bait in river*
      Fishy: Bait! Hypontizing… MUST GO FOR BAIT
      LOL 😆

    • LOL poor stringfish!!! xD 😆

  9. Mayu, have you seen much of Tilly lately? She seems to have disappeared. 😯

    • Oh she restarted recently and has got a town called Windia now. But she hasn’t give us her FC yet, so let’s see when she has got some time 😉

  10. Heehee, the pic of Meow looks like she’s going to collapse with that olive flounder! 😆

    • Splash! Ewwwww xP 😆

  11. Mayu am i still in ur fc list

    • Sorry Dawn, I wasn’t able to answer the older comments yet. Yes, I’ll readd you for sure, will do that right now!!

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