Posted by: Mayu | December 8, 2009

Jaimee and Martina

Hi guys, here are some pics of this morning ^^:

I promised to open my gates for Jaimee, that she can fetch Herti-pi’s ‘present-in-snow’ pattern and some other items I’ve ordered for her 🙂
But the first try to get these items were a fail, because Wifi crashed!

2nd attempt, this time we soon saved after Jaimee got all the things xD.
Well still after 15 or 20 minutes we had another Wifi crash and she didn’t come back after that 😉

But that was no problem because on the German ACWW board a friend asked me for a triforce and I opened my gates with Mayu instead to let her come and get this item ^^

That’s Martina from Sunhill, Wifi was better that time, we talked more than 1 hour on this spot lol.

Around half past 11 Martina talked something about how cute it is, when snow is falling down in town. I was puzzled, because I’ve seen this weather on my screen. Martina didn’t also understand me because she saw it snowing in my town oO!! She thought I would make fun of her when I said, that it’s good weather on my DS lol. So as a proof I took this picture xD.

Normally weather only changes at full hours, but I saw no changings when my clock turned to 11AM, the music itself also didn’t change. I suggested to go into house and out again and to my surprise I saw a total different weather this time!! 😯 😆 😆

Now I saw a grey sky and it’s really snowing!! xD I was really shocked at that moment haha!

And the music also changed to the jingles ones. 😉

It’s always nice to see some surprising elements on ACWW, it mostly happens while playing over Wifi, I just love these moments 😆
See you soon again, Jaimee and Martina! 😀



  1. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to come back. At least I fetched my items!

    • It’s ok Jaimee, I wasn’t angry about it and already have thought that you might have some troubles or no time left 😉

  2. Aww, I love the little snowman patterns in front of your house! *wants* :3

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