Posted by: Mayu | December 4, 2009

Maggie’s holidays celebration idea

Maggie had an idea recently, she told us:

Since the holidays are coming up, we should each pick a few people to give gifts to. We could see if Mayu could make buddys. Anyone who has a fc could join in, and give and receive a gift! All they have to do is say when they celebrate the holidays, their fc stuff, and a few things they would want! Everyone could get a gift that way!

I think it’s a cute idea and she also asked me to do a list of people who wants to join 🙂
Feel free to leave a comment here when you want to join this celebrations 😀

Meeting date: Name: Town/FC: Wish list:
Dec 23th CocaCola ♪Mu-sic♪/
5371 0142 3339
Heart hair pin
Dec 23/24/25th Mike Nintendo/
Dec 24th maggie Hawii/
3523 8400 7416
Purple glasses
purple tie dye
Dec 24th haley japan/
blue knit hat
red pompom hat
pink knit hat
Dec 24th Rosalie Forks/
Spare hybrid
Golden axe
Dec 24th Herti-pi Outback/
0131 0576 4338
Purple knit hat
Dec 24th/25th Kitty Iron Mt./
Bug shirts
Dec 24/26th Lucky MARGOO**/
celebrate with
Dec ? Claire Pixelpop/
Christmas tree
Dec 25th Madi Treetop/
Golden axe
Golden rose
Dec 25th Bonnie Home/
Red vase
K.K.’s pic
Dec 25/31th Damian Hoenn/
Writing Desk
Coffee Maker
Classic Chair (2)
Classic Table
Old Flooring
Shoji Wall
Tatami Floor
Stone Tile
Dec 26th Sorcha France/
Reunion party
with Mayu, Summer,
Herti and Alex


  1. i been trying to be happy and no i was at a friends house staying the night he stayed at my house

  2. yes you could touch the big festive tree, i dont mind, and cody my gate will be open soon, as soon as i finish yet another poem for school

    • did u add me? i added u!

  3. okay this is for mayu. for the list, haley celebrates on the same day as me, cause we are sisters, and her wishlist is sumwhere on the other page, but here its again: blue knit hat, red pom pom hat, and she would also like a pink knit hat

  4. i might come

  5. yay! kittys over too.

  6. mayu, on the ‘your fc’ page, u spelt maggie’s name maggi. is that a typo? hahahahaha

    • No, that’s really her name, well at least what she told me on my blog 😉

  7. like I said on the ”your FC’s” page, I reset my town
    so can you please change my info on the roster?

    name: Madi
    Town: Treetop
    FC: 4039-6524-1465

    My meeting date and wishlist are still the same
    btw, I’m Maddy in the roster

  8. can i get hrybrds thats what i want for xmas on acww

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