Posted by: Mayu | December 4, 2009

Fooling around with Sean, Herti-pi, CocaCola and Shania♥

Friday evening I had another funny time again, I laughed a lot tonight xD.

It started with CocaCola coming to my town ^^. Aww such a cute emotion 😀

And Herti-pi was also there! ^^ Tee hee, you also make a cute emotion 🙂

Sean also dropped by, hey, show me also a cute emotion like the others 😛

Ahhh, there!! LOL, I actually laughed a lot about the crazy movements he made, and his squinted eyes are really sweet 😆

Herti-pi is also watching his weird emotion lol

Btw, Herti, do you always have the same clothings with you like me? 😛 We really share the same taste (like grumpy neighbours lol)

While Herti-pi was offline and sleeping, I observed CocaCola’s axe and noooo, that Sean and me are carrying our nets is just coincidence!! :mrgreen: 😛 😆


Tee hee, now Sean’s brain is completely deteled! 😛

Aww doesn’t look CocaCola so sweet in this burglar outfit?

Then we changed our hairstyles, all in pink – Sean as girl, me as boy, and as CocaCola couldn’t do a boy hairstyle, she chose at least also a pink colour 😆

Herti-pi didn’t need to change her hair, hers was already pink ;).

When CocaCola had to go, Shania♥ came for a while, woot! 😀 Sorry that Wifi crashed soon and I couldn’t open again ;).
But thanks for the great fun we had 😀



  1. WOW that looks fun!!i wish i could join in but i dont have wifi anymore but when are computer breaks we can get a new internet router so i hope itbreaks soon XD cocacola duz look cute in here burgler outfit u 2 mayu u both look cute (BLUSHES) ^_^ keep on posting!!!

    • tee hee thanks ryan 🙂

  2. Your welcome mayu!!!:)

  3. say hi to coca cola 4 me =) and can u post a tour of all your town i would love that ow before i go i drew your path pattern and the cloud floating there GREAT THANX! =) =D

    • Ohh that’s a nice idea to make a tour through my town ryan. I’ll see when I have time to do that, december is quite busy for me 😉
      But thanks for your idea, I’ll post about it one day, promised! 😀

  4. CocaCola here.
    Hi ryan and Thx *blushblush*

  5. Lol hi cocacola (blushes) how r u? if i get a mew router for the computer u add me and il add u. But my mum said if the computer breakes i can get a new router =D

  6. Thnx for picking my idea your the best =D

  7. Mmm speaking of cocacola il get some*goes to fridge and gets cocacola* Yummy (BURP) oops XD

  8. Coka-cola

  9. katie is in my town and mom is in urs!

  10. Hi coccola how r u? r u ready 4 winter all raped up =)

    • Are you a friend of CocaCola? 🙂

  11. me? no but i talk to here on your blog comments

    • ah that’s ok ryan xD, I was just curious 😉

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