Posted by: Mayu | December 3, 2009

Happy early New Year! xD lol

Tee hee today was a lovely Wifi-evening again ^^. I’ve met a lot of nice friends and my first visit was to Sean of Seanvil:

Hii, it has been a while when I visited Seanvil the last time 🙂

Sean was kind as ever, he has lots of free items in his town and he guided me to his party popper area 😮 :

All the bags you can see behind us are party poppers,lol. Oh and the other visitors were Julie and Shania♥ , it’s great to see you! 😉
Plop, plop!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! xD Well, ok, I must admit, it’s a bit too early to say that 😛

We had several go’s, it was really a lot of fun! Then we headed over to the sparklers area, yay:

Aww we look so happy on this pic xD. Come’on Shania♥, let’s burn them all together

I’ve had the feeling that Shania♥ and Sean tried to burn me?? :mrgreen:

Then Sean asked me to get his version of Paradise flag to display it on my blog, too. It turned out really nice, please check my icons&patterns page, I’ve also added all the rest of requests there 😉

Oh this is a pic, where we all went to my town. After a funny netfight I had to go offline to take a bath…

but when I came back, Wifi has crashed, I’m sorry about that 😦 .
So I looked if the others had open instead, and really, Julie’s town Wildwood was open, woot! 😀

I really like your entrance Julie! ^^ Oh, and there was also Jane from Volterra, yay, it’s so nice to meet you up again! 😀

Tee hee, we both are wearing the blue knithat, Sean gave it to me as a present this evening 😉

We admired Julie’s Beatles shrine as there are no withered roses at all today 😉

You look cute with your crown and tiger shirt, Julie! 😀

Then we both visited ‘her’ Cube. Cube said:’ Hi Miki! It’s so nice that you came over!’
Ugh, a friendly and polite Cube just isn’t right!!! xD 😆

Shania♥ came also to Wildwood later and asked us to come to Essex to help her with her town.

This is the last pic of Wildwood before we headed over, but then I was quite busy again and I just dropped some flowers in Essex, before I had to quit playing, sorry about that Shania♥ 😳



  1. Hahaha! That was a fun evening 😉

  2. Its so weird for me to see the other carpet/wallpaper in “Cubina”‘s house, while you see the rock/stone one xD Had another awesome night! Thx! 😛

    • Haha I also was puzzled when I saw Cubinas house on Claires blog with the tatami floor and shoji wallpaper xP

  3. Shania: Thanks lol its fine loil xx

  4. Hi mayu.Happy new year =>,actually it’s a bit early i know. But i just wanted to say happy new year and i love the name of your town HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE =)

    • Hi ryan! Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! 😀

  5. =) thanks keep blogging!!!!!!!=Dil be watching

    • Thanks ryan ^^ I’ll do an update today, just can’t say when xD

  6. Thanx mayu your the best=D =)

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