Posted by: Mayu | December 2, 2009

Jiii he ha tata! Fun with Julie, sammy and Kitty

Tonight I was able to open my gates punctually at 8PM, hooray! And Julie from Wildwood came over, woot! 😀

Here she’s doing my new touch event and after that we decided to go to Katrina’s tent to have a good fortune lol.

I really want to know, from what country she’s from xP 😆

Instead of telling me today’s fortune I asked her about me and Julie’s relationship, tee hee! xD 😆

Well, she told something about a hedgehog who is giving away balloons to children and about how difficult it was for him because of his spikes… ummm… ok… big questionmark ❓ xP

The last words about Julie were “friendliness”, “warmth” and “calmness”… I assume, these are good words? :mrgreen:

Then it was Julie’s part to go in and she did the same with my name so I was quite curious about what Katrina is telling her about me xP.

But every time when Julie wanted to write down the words, a visitor has come to Mitsukyo!! 😆 So finally after my town was full she was able to write these words xP:

And as you can see, sammy and Kitty were my new visitors ^^

Hi sammy, welcome to my town, it’s nice to see you again.

And this is Kitty from Iron Mt., I’ve added her this afternoon and it’s great to meet you up that soon :D. Welcome to Mitsukyo! ^^

Tee hee, we had a lot of fun this evening :mrgreen:

A close-up pic of sammy and…

…one of Kitty 🙂

After sammy had to go we decided to go to Iron Mt. ^^

A, what a pity, you can’t see the cute flag that well on this pic 😉

You look great in your caterpillar shirt, Kitty xD. And I’m envious about your circle grass shape 😮

She had some nice bugs and an ocean sunfish in her room, I also wanted to show you Tippers pic, but my time stamp hid it again, meeh! lol

Such a lot of pics!! 😮 You did a great job, Kitty! 🙂 Oh, the coming visitor was Julie who just wanted to inform us, that she had to open her gates now. That’s ok Julie! 😀

In another room I’ve found even the townhallmodell! 😯 How cool is that!

Then we decided to go to Julie’s town, but when Copper showed me the open gates list, I’ve seen that she was already full lol. Never mind, we’ll have a lot other opportunities to visit each other 😉



  1. Tee hee! That was a great night! Katrina is a very odd cat…but at least she gave us both good fortune! :mrgreen:

  2. kitty. looks. like MEEEE.
    thats just scary. 😯

    • LOL, that’s true, just the haircolour is different 😛

      • it is???? 😯
        oh its white not blonde lol 😆

  3. can u open claire plz plz

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