Posted by: Mayu | December 1, 2009

A lot of friends tonight

Yuki’s evening was again a very nice one ^^. I’ve met a lot of people and now I want to show you the pics of them 😉

Meow was as usual my first visitor ^^ And I’ve learned a new word from her: “Bozo”, wooot! 😆

We visited all my neighbours, Tabby was very happy about her shirt from Herti-pi 😉

Then Jenny came also for a quick visit! Long time no see, I’m glad you came over, Jenny 😉

Then we went to Funky, Meow’s town, she wanted to show me her new flag!
Hahaha! That’s awesome and so perfect for you!! xD

Because Meow is famous for her net whacking attacks 😈

Just when I visited her monster Leo again, Wifi crashed, bahhh!! 😦

Well Meow had troubles to open again, so I went to Stella instead 😉

There I’ve also found del… oh no… has Meow visited you before??? 😮
Just when Stella’s town was full again, Wifi crashed for another time, before I even had the chance to get a photo of Stella… 😦 sorry about that!

After the second crash I went to Nicola from Peekaboo this time ^^. It was even snowing there, how beautiful! 😀

We had a nice chit-chat, maybe I chit-chatted too much with you?
Yaaaawwwwnnnnn, zzzzzzZZZZZZ 😆 😆

Tee hee, Chow was very funny in Peekaboo, he also got a panda bear in his house xD

This room I liked a lot of Nicola, it looks so waaaarm (it’s freezing cold now in Germany, brrrr)

After that I opened my gates also for a little while again and maggie dropped by ^^, she’s also such a nice lady, all people from WWAG I can say are absolutely friendly and always helpful, I really enjoy my Tuesday evenings 😉




    • What a show-off! 😆

      • i want one 😦

        • (takes Claire into the corner)…shhhh…. next time you come to me, say the password “maytroshka”…. and I’ll give you one… :mrgreen:…. but pssssssst!!! Don’t tell anyone! 😈 😆

          • really?!?!?! OH THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! ❤
            :mrgreen: 😉 🙂 😀 😛 and all other happy emotes yaaaay!!!~

  2. Hey its snowing 😀

    • Yes wordpress offers this in December lol

  3. aaawww it’s too bad I couldn’t play on Tuesday, I woulda been on your blog again 😦
    I’ll try to make it next week…Oh, and that new word you learned is great! Bozo! LOL 😀

    • lol, thanks Jero, I hope to see you soon again 😉

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