Posted by: Mayu | November 30, 2009

Very short trips to sammy and cody

Argh I’m really sorry about this evening! I wanted to play with my friends tonight, but family kept me too busy… 😦
But then I saw on my blog, that diggiedog has found finally her ACWW again and was waiting for me to come, so I just went there for a few minutes xP. Cody at the same time was also waiting for me, but I promised him to come 1 hour later, when I’ve got more time, hopefully.
So just two pics of sammy from boston, aka diggiedog 😉

I was quite surprised that such a cute girl stands for the name diggiedog and sammy, I don’t know why, but I’ve always thought that it must be a boy :oops:, sorry about that sammy 😉

That’s a better pic of her, I’ll also use this for my FC page ;). I was so in hurry we couldn’t even talk a lot while I was there, so hope to see you soon again sammy 😉

After 1 hour I still haven’t got the time I needed to play seriously, but promised is promised, so I also went for a quick visit to HEATH, the town of Cody.

Hi Cody, it has been a while 😉 . I also brought him some flowers ^^

Oh I got a black rose in return (thanks again) and in my last minutes I explored his house.

The back room was really nice ^^

Cooiee, tee hee, I’m looking through all the hybrids and the big lucky cat 😛

A last pic of us before I had to go 😉



  1. did u have fun

    • Sure lucy lol, even if it was only a short time 😉

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