Posted by: Mayu | November 30, 2009

Busy Sunday

Sunday I thought I was able to play ACWW again, so I opened my gates around 8PM:

And Herti-pi and Larissa visited me, yaaay!
Herti-pi designed two wonderful patterns again for my blog readers, thanks for your great help Herti-pi! 😀 And they always look awesome, she’s a great pattern designer ^^

Shania♥ also dropped by and we both checked the new patterns of Herti ^^

You can see one pattern beneath us crazy-net-whacking two, it’s a present half buried into a snow ground, that’s really cool! 8)

After that… I had to do some work at home again and went afk. When I came back half an hour later, I saw the blue screen of death – Wifi crashed! Well, never mind, hope to see you all soon again 😉



    I WANNA SEE YA SOON!!!!!!!
    come see ya grandma and her one pond
    xD muahahaha

  2. open plz

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