Posted by: Mayu | November 27, 2009

Trip to Crystal from C.C.Town

Later on when I had time again, I saw Crystal’s gates open ^^ Let’s visit her 🙂 :

Wow, her town changed a lot!!! 😯 The flag is new, but also the sparkling cedars and the cute paw patterns next to her path 🙂

The girl with pink woolen hat is Crystal ^^, nice to meet you again! 😀 In the centre is Lukas from Palma, a friend of Crystal 😉

Ahh the lovely pool again! 😀

And huh? 😯 What happened to your house? xP You’ve got two houses now, haha 😆 (the smaller of them is cheated 😉 )

Yay, a Christmas tree, how cool! 😀 Oh, her house is a shop, called DARK FLAVOUR, the initials DF you can see on the painting ^^

The umbrella and shirt sells room ^^

What a nice golden room, Crystal! 😮

And this room was really full packed xD. You can hardly see me 😛

There were even LOADS more of items in front of the townhall, it’s going to be used all for her shop ^^. Oh the princess on this pic is another friend, she’s called Tami and is from the town Texas 🙂

A close-up pic of Lucas…

… and a pic of all of us 😉

And finally I was able to fetch my desired pattern from Crystal :D. I liked her sailor shirt soo much, I think it’s really cute with the big heart in the centre ~♥

Thanks a lot for letting me visit, Crystal, I enjoyed it! 😀



  1. Danke 😀 Hat Fun gemacht >.< naja eig. haben wir nur geredet xD

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