Posted by: Mayu | November 27, 2009

First snow and fashion show

Sorry for the late blog update again, but this weekend was really busy again for me. The nearer Christmas is coming, the more I have to do at home, so please bear with me when I can’t play that much or working on my blog on weekends 😦

So let me show you some pics of last Friday 😉

Louise came over for a visit, woot! And hey, it’s snowing again in my town, hooray!!! It’s always lovely to see the first snow falling gently down in town ^^ And don’t forget, snowing means no need to water flowers as it has the same effect like rain :mrgreen:

And CocaCola was also there! Tee hee, we accidently had the same pattern and red ribbon, so we changed clothes to look alike xD

We’re the singing snow girls with Louise as the ground superstar 😀 😛

Ooops, Louise?? 😯 What happened to us??

I don’t let Louise go, muhihihihi! *clings more to Louise* 😈

And another cute pattern girl arrived, it’s Bonnie!! Hiya! 😀

Tee hee, you look great with your big turban, Bonnie xD

After that Wifi crashed and I wasn’t able to open soon again, sorry about that, girls 😦
But I had a lot of fun with you ^^


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