Posted by: Mayu | November 26, 2009

Sleeping Zoe and Asian eyes boom

Tonight I promised Zoe to come to her town as she was expecting a deliverer from ACC and she asked me to have an eye on it as she’s off that time 😉

So around 8.45PM I went to Altwood and look, Zoe is already sleeping and on the pattern it says: “Keep one space empty”. Yep will do Zoe ^^

Some minutes later CocaCola was there, too hii! Wow big afro wig! And Zoe was surprisingly also awake, her other real life meeting was canceled so she was there! 😀 And she also rearranged a new meeting for the deliverer so she might not come tonight.

Julie from Wildwood dropped also in, tee hee, your new “sad” emotion looks cute xD

Well, CocaCola had to go soon, and Zoe wanted to watch a DVD movie so she went afk again and we shouldn’t netwhack her. Nooo, of course we don’t do that Zoe!!! :mrgreen: After a while when it was clear, that the deliverer really didn’t come Julie and I headed over to my town 😉

Bonnie (in front of me) and Louise came also!!! Yaaay, it has been a while you two! 😀

With Julie my town was full again! 🙂 Wow, you all have the asian eyes!! oO
Luckily you all have different hair styles xD

I had to go offline and when I came back Bonnie has prepared a pitfall seed for me!! xP 😆 Thanks a lot!!

Yes yes, you’re a real angel Bonnie! 🙄 And Louise, you look cute as ever ^^

In the end we had a nice netfight!! :mrgreen: Wait, 1,2,3,4,5…6…nets?? 😯
No way, Louise’s badge hat and my Dutch hat look both extremely like white nets, too xD! 😆

Oh and before I forget: HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU!!!
(sorry that it’s now too late to say that xP, when you read this post )



  1. LOL, thanks for another great evening 😉

    Oh, you’re not too late on you Turkey Day wishes xDD Only a day late 😆

  2. thnx 4 a gr8 night miki!

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