Posted by: Mayu | November 26, 2009

Blue eyes… Jaimee got blue eyes…♫

Wow, this morning was busy in Mitsukyo ^^. As ususal I opened my gates around 8AM to let my Australian friends visit me, but my first visitor was

Rozza from the UK xD. But that’s ok, I was happy to see you again Rozza 😉

And finally Jaimee came to fetch her desired patterns, yay! Unfortunately Tilly wasn’t able to come, she was too busy with school stuff, ohh! 😦 Well, the year is over soon, I assume you’ll have long summer holidays in the end of the year? 😀 Then we can meet up more often ^^

Jaimee picked also some normal flowers, I’ve got loads of them and I’m glad when people need flowers, because I just can’t sell or throw them away, I feel too sorry for the flowers 😳

When Jaimee put her rose back I saw this scene:

Whoa, beautiful BLUE anime eyes!! 😮 😮 😆 How cool is that! xD

Then CocaCola also dropped by, it has been a while when I had full town in the morning xD. From left to right there are: Jaimee, me, CocaCola and Rozza :3

Showing us our winter pattern xD. And CocaCola did a big jump right at that moment :mrgreen:

All umbrellas swapped to red colourish ones lol

And after I went afk and Rozza left my town, I had Sean for a visit again ^^.
This is the only pic I took of him… -.- sorry about that!! 😳
It was a lot of fun this morning, thanks a lot! 😀



  1. Woww! I wish I really had eyes like that. <333

  2. 😯

  3. im open

  4. too bad theres not a ar code to change your eye coloer

  5. 8o

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