Posted by: Mayu | November 25, 2009

Zoe’s volcano head

Tonight I saw Zoe’s town Altwood open, so I decided to pay her a visit ^^
Hi Zoe!! 😀

Ziiiiish!!! Hahaha, look at this awesome volcano egg head from Zoe!! 😆 I laughed a lot about it xP. CocaCola was also there with this cute bikini shirt 😯 , brrrrr, that’s too cold for me!!

A better look on the bikini, Zoe designed it ^^

And Shania♥ was also there, hiii!! 😀

UAAAAAAAHHHHH, sniff sniff, Mommmyyyy!!!
Zoe and I loved to cry for nothing 😆

What colourful umbrellas we have… :o, awesome!

While Zoe was blocking me to get out of this corner, I was watching TV instead… 😛

That’s a nice smile face of us both ^^

This room was barricaded… I assume we shouldn’t see what can be seen out of the window?? All bears are looking to the same direction… 😛

Then Wifi suddenly crashed and I had big troubles to look for open gates or open myself the gates, I always had this error code:

Maybe you had the same problems? I think Nintendo might have some Wifi troubles during that time.
But later on I was able to open my gates and long time nothing happened, but then

Sean from seanvil came for a visit, woot! But this was the only picture I took, because after 10 min Wifi crashed for another time and I had to go anyway.

See you tomorrow again 😉



  1. Hey! Miki!
    I decided I will keep my Webs blog.
    Go on the blog for my daily ACWW posts. 😉

    • Ok Claire, I’ll check it soon again 😀

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