Posted by: Mayu | November 24, 2009

Nice evening with Meow, Stella and del

Argh, tonight I had a lot of difficulties with my camera again. I was playing with Yuki and had my town full of visitors, but I couldn’t take a lot of pics, as I was always trying to fix it :P.

Well, anyway I’ll show you some 😉

Meow came over as my first visitor, awww, you always have cute ideas how to dress your chara xD

This is Stella from Wisteria and look at these awful colours … 😦 But I enjoyed her visiting me, thanks for coming 😉

Del from moomooh was also there, hooray, we all chit-chatted a lot. Luckily later on, after several switching off and on my camera, my pics returned back to normal and at least one nice picture of del:

Happy belated birthday again 😉

And one of Meow, look how pretty she is :mrgreen:
Unfortunately Stella has already gone home, I’ll try to take a better pic next time, Stella, promised! 😛

Meow told me about a bottle mail at the beach, yay, how cool! 😀 Looks like my feet disappeared when I was standing on the bottle…. let’s have a closer look…

Ugh, that looks really… idiotic!! xD 😆

Inside was a nice letter from Jenny and I got also a kid’s stereo of it, thanks a lot dear Jenny 😀

Hope to see you all soon again 😉



  1. first comment woot 🙂 How come you havent uploaded this mornings meet up yet?

    • Sean, I was too busy!! xD

  2. Hi mayu im ryan im from england and i always read your blog i havent got wifi sorry but i keep asking i thinck im getting wifi for christmas hopefully il let u know when i do.bye 🙂

    • Hello Ryan, thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate it! 🙂
      It would be nice to meet you, so fingers crossed, that you’ll get Wifi for Christmas 😉

  3. Sorry my wifi is busted but when i get it fixed u add me and il add u ok bye =l

    • Yes sure ryan ^^

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